Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anybody Thought of a Guard Rail? Threesome News

*Fanfare* Once again I bring to you an exciting new edition of "Joe Does The News". We start with a story of a Haverhill resident's 50 year long plight of playing human Frogger in his family's own home.

1.)Boston Resident Deals With Fifth Car Crash Into Home

After which crash do you think the idea of putting up a wall around his house popped into this dude's head? 1st? 3rd? Maybe the next time? I don't really know. What I do know is that if a car crashed into my home once-I'd be seriously thinking about paying a visit to the local landscaping company for some boulders. I can only imagine how this guy is going to have to try and explain this to his insurance company. "Oh by the way a car plowed through my living room...AGAIN."

My verdict: Sell the house. Move into an apartment off the ground level preferably far away from airports.

2.) Ron Paul To Take Maine?

My verdict: No but maybe. Probably not...maybe. Does it even matter? I need a drink.

One thing that I can proudly say is that I was ahead of the curve when it came to calling Ron Paul out for what he really is. Early in the season people were rallying around Ron Paul seeming to forget how far out in Dennis Kucinich la-la-land he was in the 2008 Republican primary. Ron Paul has always been dingy on foreign policy. Consistent, but nonetheless dingy. So when it comes down to Maine, a considerably left-leaning big government state, supposedly embracing "libertarian" ideals-I've got to call shenanigans. They might embrace liberal non-interventionist "stick our heads in the dirt" Neville Chamberlain-esque Ron Paul. They're not going to be crazy about the do away with government programs, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Energy, and everything under the sun Ron Paul.

Well his supporters will. They'd be crazy about Ron Paul if he considered a new career in porn. In fact they'd maul any one who would dare to say it wouldn't be the hottest porn ever to hit the interwebs.

Mitt Romney is the key front-runner in the state and if anybody in the Republican field can appeal to the liberal wishy-washy "do as I say not as I do" New England states-it's Mittens. So I have a feeling Maine will go strongly in favor of everybody's favorite pro-flip flop establishment candidate. I could be wrong but either way it doesn't matter. Ron Paul won't be President. I'd hope he'd settle for treasurer.

3.) Kid Rock "Made in Detroit" Shirts are Wait for It...Not Made in Detroit

Now look we all have our opinions on the city of Detroit. Here in the mitten state most of us have pride in our community. Some have a blind pride. Others like me have pride but know that the problems in Detroit can't be solved unless they're fixed in Detroit. Kid has done more for SE Michigan than Susan Tompor or anybody from our local news media will ever probably be able to do their whole lives. You hear that Clint Eastwood? Yeah shut up.

Do I think the "Made in Detroit" shirts being made outside of the US is sketchy? No. I can't blame the Kid for doing something that our own US government made profitable via NAFTA. In fact not only did they make doing business outside of the US profitable; they made it detrimental to not cut costs by shipping jobs overseas. If anything has destroyed our manufacturing and production in this country--it's our own policies.

What Susan Tompor and the other ambush journalists of our supposed "free press" failed to realize is that "Made in Detroit" does not mean the shirt was made in Detroit. It pays homage to the individualism and pride that one takes living as a Detroiter and to restore esteem in hometown pride. Kid has also stated that he hopes to open an installment here in Detroit and create jobs. The only assumption of the t-shirts currently being made in Detroit was on Tompor. Not on anybody else. Nobody was fooled but her.

I wonder if Tompor was as outraged about the fact that the Clint Eastwood "It's not an Obama re-election ad but it appears to be one and sounds like one" Detroit Ad wasn't filmed in Detroit.

Verdict: Kidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


Santorum Declares War On Gullible Idiots

So there's this thing going around Facebook and Twitter about Santorum apparently declaring war on "heavy metal". First off I laughed when I heard that because as much as I can hear somebody like Rick Santorum saying something like that - it reeked of satire. However since I am a member of the 1% and therefore smarter than the majority of the population of poor people I choose to oppress daily (you all know my affinity for setting homeless people ablaze on Sundays) I didn't bother to do what every other idiot on Twitter has done with posts such as... *See attached picture on right*

Seriously people? Do some research. First off in the event of him saying something this astronomically stupid wouldn't there be some video of it? Camera phone? Smart phone? Official media publication? Second off...


Satire: The use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly etc.

Maybe one day Americans will grasp this concept or grasp a dictionary in their hands and bother to do something educational with their time. Until then I dedicate this post to all of you because I just am that damn #caring.


PS the part of Gwar playing for Mitt Romney had me seriously rolling.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nancy Pelosi Is On Crack

Happy belated New Year blogosphere!

It's been a while! I'm alive. Still. That may dismay many people who disagree with me but the point is I'm still out there and you can follow me on my twitter which is updated daily with my crazy thoughts and opinions in less than 140 characters. I'll try and post here as much as I can but we'll see how it goes.

Feel free to follow me there.

THIS however was too funny for me not to post here.

I was sitting on my couch today doing some homework and something caught my eye. John King (the guy that got smoked by Newt Gingrich in that one SC republican debate) was interviewing former Speaker Nancy "I can't feel my face anymore" Pelosi for some reason or another. He asked her what she thought about a Newt Gingrich presidency. I could not help but notice how uncannily similar her reaction was to another infamous celebrity. See for yourself.

Like I said. Nancy Pelosi is on crack.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Questions You Don't Have To Ask Tea Partiers

I even got quoted.

But seriously can you claim lice as dependents?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Barack Ron Paul Obama

I have received a lot of heat over Twitter and emails regarding why I should support Ron Paul and what a Ron Paul Revolution will do for America in 2013. In fact I have received so much flack about this guy from like probably the three or four people that actually read this blog anyway and follow me that I feel I need to make an entry devoted purely to Ron Paul.

I'm also kidding about the reader comment I actually have like 9 or 10.

Ron Paul. Ron Paul. Ronny Paulie. Ronopoly. Big Ron. What can I say about him?

Well for starters, I feel like he is absolutely a really bad idea for this country. Yep...I said it. Waiting now for the influx of hateful emails from passionate Ron Paul fans about how I'm standing in the way of true reform in this country. Send them. I can take the name calling. I'm a big boy.

Got that out of your system? Good now let's look at facts.

There are a lot of things that I agree with Ron Paul about. In fact I give him a lot of credit for bringing attention to government overreach and redundancies. I am with him on foreign aid and I am so with him on getting rid of the Federal Reserve, The Department of Energy, etc. The guy makes some damn good points.

But. And this is one big but. Nicki Minaj would be be jealous.

There are some things that Ron Paul says that are absolutely beyond crazy and not beyond crazy in the adorable aww "he's old and senile" kind of way. Ron Paul believes that the only chance of survival for the United States is by collecting all of our military forces from around the world, pulling all of our international intelligence connections, and bringing everything back within the borders of the United States. Then he believes that if we somehow cut the ever living crap out of the size of federal government--our government will somehow miraculously rebound. Pure and simple: he is an isolationist.

Ladies and gentleman, if anybody says to you in the year 2011 that they believe that isolationism is a good way to operate as a country--run for the hills.

Now make note that I am not talking about the US being self-sufficient but neither is the Ron Paul movement. I firmly believe that the United States government has created an environment which has made it profitable to somebody (not the United States citizens) for businesses to look elsewhere to do business. We have the highest business tax in the world. Case in point. Blame the government. I also believe that we fail to acknowledge that we have resources within our own borders that can sustain our energy needs until a new and efficient greener energy resource is available. We don't need the Arabs or the Russians for oil. Who do you think built the technology for them to get the oil in the first place? You've got it.

Ron Paul doesn't really get that. Ron Paul (and his rabid supporters even though I believe they're more on the kick of regurgitation than actual comprehension) believes that the majority of the hostility in the world is caused not by evil interests or people; but because at some point in world history the United States did something to provoke this hostility. He believes that the United States is the source of the problems in the world. Now I'm not saying that this is totally not any different than the current attitude of a current apologist leader of the free world, but it's still pretty funny that they both share a common opinion about their own country.

By the way I am not making any of this up. Ron Paul has said these things. These plans I have mentioned are not folklore and can easily be pulled up by a simple Youtube search. Ron Paul believes this. He said it in 2008 during the Republican primaries. He has said it as recently as this year about 9-11 & Iran's thirst of nuclear development. According to Ron Paul we're to blame for every terrorist attack on America and Americans abroad. Don't forget what I just wrote. Keep this detail in mind. I'm going to touch back on it in a minute; as this is the framework to the big disastrous picture that is the Ron Paul Revolution.

Let's get back to his foreign policy for a minute. Ron Paul wants to bring everything back here. He believes that by getting America out of everybody else's business the world will again be at peace (which it hasn't been ever) and America will again be prosperous. Sure it's a great pipe dream. I know it sucks to live in reality too, doesn't it?

While in theory it's a great idea; Ron Paul slashes his own wrist centering his campaign around this principle. Considering that there weren't bad people in the world and that everybody was actually capable of living and coexisting with each other without strapping bombs to their children and sending them into crowded market places-Ron Paul might actually be on to something. However, we don't live in Pleasantville and there are people in this world that are hellbent on seeing an end to Western Society at all costs. They will die for it and the greatest honor to their cause is to die taking us with them. So let's do what Ron Paul wants to do and pull our military out of...everywhere.

This kind of wolf does not go away by simply running into the house, slamming the door, and pretending it doesn't exist. If we go through with Ron Paul's plan we will accomplish change, don't get me wrong. It's just the change isn't going to be too positive.

For starts, with President Paul we will be militarily ineffective and intelligently void as our intelligence agencies and military will not have been allowed to operate effectively. As Ron Paul has said the military budget is not off the cutting room table so you can expect massive cuts to be made. We will again be making decisions off the same ill-enabled intelligence that told us that Osama was in Afghanistan (which was a war Ron Paul voted in support of) and that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. On another note our ally Israel (I would argue the strongest ally we have on the planet) will be left to fend for itself in a region that is devoted to the destruction of both it and every Jew on the face of the planet. We will again be responsible for ignoring a genocide.

So we've pulled our military from all over the world and brought them home. We're not involved in anyone else's business at an international level. We are solely focused on issues at home. So naturally you'd think that somebody who was aware that we have enemies in the world would push for a major overhaul of the immigration policies of the United States. Not Ron Paul. Ron Paul believes that illegal immigrants should not be given an "unfair treatment" under our federal law system. Wait? Hold on? What does "unfair treatment" mean? Nobody really knows. In fact I'm pretty sure Ron Paul doesn't either. However he did say that he feels that the government should not be getting in the way of the Catholic Church fulfilling it's charitable duty of housing illegal immigrants crossing the border. After all it's charity. I mean they're not breaking the...oh wait aren't they breaking the law? Wouldn't that after all be aiding and abetting? So let me get this straight if I can?

Dr. Paul is supposedly a subscriber to Constitutionalism. As a subscriber to strict Constitutionalism one could argue that the sole and only responsibility of the federal government was to protect the people of the United States of America. So at this point President Paul has cut our military funding, pulled our military and intelligence out of every country in the world, and now made it clear that while we can build a fence on the border we shouldn't be unfairly singling out illegal immigrants or punishing those who aid them on their journey in the United States. In lay mans terms, Dr. Paul has not only failed at his duty as an American to uphold the law at all costs; he has failed his oath as the leader of the United States of America to protect the citizens of his country against all threats of domestic and foreign source. After all ignoring foreign conflict only got us dragged into World War II. Pearl Harbor anybody?

So you have the framework as we have Paul ending the "imperial military complex" which is pretty much the only thing that has kept this world from self-destructing in the last century. We have Ron Paul being tough and fuzzy on immigration. What else is there that possibly can be a red flag for potential voters to not vote for this guy? How about his supporters. His rabid out of touch supporters.

I don't want to be the guy that draws this parallel but isn't it amazing that the majority of Paul's most rabid supporters tend to be of the same demographic that makes up the whole 99% movement? The "I have really no idea why I'm here but somebody light me up a joint and lets party" 20-30 something year living in a basement somewhere type. This isn't entirely a coincidence because if you remember from the most recent debate Ron Paul said this about the 99% movement.

Now Ron Paul is right to an extent however he continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth. He will stand there and complain about how the government shouldn't be getting involved and the market should be left to work itself out. Yet on the other hand he says:

"We have to blame the business cycles and the economic policies that led to this disaster".

Wait what? How is it that we're supposed to not change the way businesses operate in this country yet we need to blame the business cycle? What business cycles are we referring to? Does Paul know what he's talking about? I don't really know because you can never get a read on where he's coming from. Pure statistical facts. You get rambling talking points but you get no hard concrete statistical facts to back up anything he says. Sound familiar? Yeah it should. Obama. 99%. Occupiers. We can't blame the victims? Who are the victims? Somebody that goes out and puts down $15,000 on a $500,000 house they can't afford and yet it's the banks fault? People that don't want to pay college loans back that they signed a contract to obtain suddenly not wanting to anymore? Where's Ron Paul attacking the college universities for raising their tuition rates? I see a lot of straw men here and yet very little criticism. The reason you can't get in a debate with these people about issues because you get this from the Ron Paul camp.

"Well Iran is going to bother us. We have like a bunch of nukes and they don't. They're not going to mess with us!"

Well they just actually tried to kill a Saudi Ambassador on American soil. That really doesn't show them being too scared of us.

"Bro, you're an idiot. Ron Paul is fighting for your rights whether you want them or not!"

Is he really? My rights? My rights to what?

"People are so afraid of the TRUTH!! THE TRUTH!! S**T IS F***CKD YO!! RON PAUL 12!!" (That is actually copy and pasted apparently the F word has an extra letter in it)

"You're stuck bro. Ron Paul is doing what needs to be done! I bet you couldn't do better!"

Well "bro". I totally could. I could fix this country in ten minutes. So I give you my plan for fixing the United States of America if I were totally President.

- Restructure the tax system that requires that all citizens of the United States of America pay some form of flat income tax regardless of their wealth bracket. Let's set it at 30%. If you are unable to make the payment, you pay what you can and owe the government the remainder with interest until it is paid off.

- English will be set as the official language of business and government in the United States. Don't like it. Too bad. If other countries can have official languages based off of their founding and tradition, so can America. We split of Great Britain. Our language is English.

- If a country wants our military support they can pay for it. No more nation building without this country seeing green. No more checks to clean up the country after we're done leveling it and if the country has resources we need--we take them.

- Foreign aid would be reformed to be distributed on a per country basis. If we can come up with something as stupid as a "Super-Committee" we can definitely find time to choose which countries we support and which we don't. No more blanket aid.

- The UN would be defunded completely. If they don't want to support our country or our alliance with Israel they can do it without our subsidies.

- Immigration protocol will be enforced and immigrants will be given probationary visas on the basis of their skills and potential to contribute to the American economy. Guest worker programs will be applied for from the immigrants country.

- The business tax will be lowered and corporate welfare will be abolished as tax incentives will be only distributed to company's who are primarily invested in employing Americans at fair wages and under fair labor standards.

- Energy production will be maximized safely and responsibly in all source fields -- coal, nuclear, biofuel, oil, natural gas, hydroelectric, solar -- and development in new renewable sources of green energy will be primary goal.

- The United States will implement policy of not dealing financially with countries that harbor enemies of the United States or threaten her interests abroad. Companies that choose to do business will not be granted the protection by our government abroad or permission to do so.

- Obama Care and all related programs implemented under the Obama administration will be eliminated.

- Departments & Agencies of the Federal Government will be audited and requested to prove their efficiency and worth to the American taxpayer. If they cannot they will be defunded and eliminated.

- All toilet paper will be free as no man should ever enter a public restroom and find themselves in a stall with no paper.

Okay well the last one was a joke but the solutions to our problems in this country are simple and blunt. It's just people don't want to hear them and neither does the Ron Paul camp. Believe it or not under the guise of Ron Paul's libertarian anti-government leanings lie the very foundation of the 99% movement. A group of entitled misfits, brats, and anarchists eager to stir up trouble and screw with people that have had no involvement in the misfortunes and problems of the movement at all. Like Herman Cain said during the debate: "These people want the bankers to come down and cut them a check." That's all it's about. It's not about a movement and it's not about the country. It's about a bunch of people who don't want to be responsible passing their costs on to somebody else and if Ron Paul is embracing these people in his movement and Obama is embracing these people in his movement; what does that tell you about the movements of both individuals.

Thank God for the toilet paper industry I will probably never be President and thank God for America neither will Ron Paul.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy My Annoyance

Because I'm sick of everybody else whining about their debt and problems I want my five minutes to whine about the whiners. Why is it that people in this country feel the need to complain about the earnings of people they don't even know? Do these people realize that the big bad 1% is made up of 10% of people who were born into it and 90% of people that made their own way there? Maybe a few of those in the 90% were lottery or casino winners but the vast majority, at some time in their lives, started out middle class or with very little and risked their way to the top. THEY TOOK RISKS. However they're guilty of fraud and corruption and according to the MSM we should sit quietly and be subjected to people fresh out of college whining about how they have debt and it's somebody else's responsibility to pay for it.

All I've heard from OSW supporters and partakers on Twitter and Facebook is that they're organizing to expose the fraud and corruption of the 1%. Not a single one of them can give me an example of what fraud has been committed in support of these charges they're hurling against a portion of the United States population--but we should know that they're guilty of fraud and corruption. Charged, tried, and awaiting sentencing.

Another thing. What are these degrees that these people have because something tells me that if the unemployment rating went down to 1%; these people would still be out in the street complaining about how they can't find a job. Let me give you an example.

If you graduate college with a degree in musicology (and I'm a professional musician keep in mind), what do you think is going to happen? Did any of you rational, intelligent protestors bother to look up employment projections or occupational outlook reports before you went and got loans for these fields? Or were those too lame for you hipsters to read? I'm sorry maybe we should've recorded them on vinyl or printed them on hemp. Would that have grabbed your attention? You feel me?

It's like going to a university in Arizona to become a marine biologist and complaining that you have to relocate for your job. Hello?!

Third off where do these 99% (which is a total exaggeration of their population density but I'd bet these clowns probably nearly all fall under the category of people who pay no federal income tax) protesters get off complaining about their student loans. They went and got these loans and signed a contract for this loan that laid out under its conditions that when they graduated they'd have to start paying back the loan. If they got a loan they signed a contract. A CONTRACT. They borrowed somebody else's money. Now they complain it's not fair they have to pay it back? I'm sorry but who the hell are you? Why are you not protesting these colleges and universities for their outrageous tuition costs? They're the ones to blame.

Many of these protesters if they truly are as broke as they say they are probably have subsidies covering a lot of their costs. Many have EBT cards. Many have food stamps. Some probably even have government insurance and health plans. However, I have a feeling the vast majority have Mommy & Daddy footing the bill from some upper middle class neighborhood. In fact I'm pretty sure some probably don't even realize that their own parents are close to being or already a part of the big bad 1% they're lobbying against.

So where does this put me? Who the hell am I to criticize them?

Let me clarify a few things. I have had my share of tragedy like everybody else on this planet. I'm living through this economic hardship like the rest of America. I'm not rich and I'm not broke. I'm an everyday American who works for what he has and is proud of the work he does to make it on his own. I don't blame other people for my situation and I think it's about time people start taking a page from Americans like me. When times get hard you roll up your sleeves and cover your own butt. You can always moan about it later. In my case I prefer to go quietly and laugh about it over a beer I purchased with MY OWN MONEY.

  • I worked three jobs (making $7, $9, $10 an hour) with my first one starting at age 16.

  • My Dad got laid off during the mass layoffs at GM (pre-government bailout GM) and had made enough over his career working 50 hour weeks as senior designer that I didn't qualify for a substantial amount of student aid. FAFSA pretty much laughed in my face. It however didn't take into the account the other expenses like you know health insurance and what not.

  • I got a degree from a college I paid my way through except for one semester which was paid by a scholarship I had qualifieid for from a test. This PROMISE scholarship was revoked by a governor who supports OCCUPY WALL STREET. Ironic right?

  • Time I spent protesting about it, blaming rich people, and crapping on cop cars = Zero. I was busy working.

  • At 19 I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disease known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. I also happened to lose my insurance right around this time because new government GM felt the need to make some changes to non-union retiree benefits. The promise of being under my parents insurance until I was 26 was amended. The government apparently doesn't believe in written contracts. By the time I got back on insurance I had already spent a small fortune paying for treatments, injections, and monthly medications. At 20 years old rather than paying fully for it in cash; I could now pay for insurance. Yippee.

  • Time I spent protesting about it, blaming rich people, and crapping on cop cars = Zero.

  • Currently I'm working towards getting my Masters in Health Service Administration at a private college that I worked multiple jobs on location and at home to afford to pay for it. Hopefully this will be a job that will get me somewhere near the 1% and you know if it doesn't I won't care because I don't have to be rich to be happy. I still find the time to see my family & friends and you could've prospered from a bet that this past Sweetest Day (Hallmark Holiday) my girlfriend and I had a hell of a fancy dinner. I still find the time to play music and record music and the money to donate to charitable causes like the USO and St. Jude.

  • I'm currently 15K in debt for school but I'll pay it back somehow when I graduate just like I've paid for everything else life has thrown my way.

America still rules and I'm still thankful for it to have me. Being part of the greatest experiment in freedom on this planet; I have it so much better than so many in this world do. Guess what? So do the Occupiers who think that their lives are so messed up.

I am part of the 53% or the 47% or whatever percentage of people the statistics want to point out to be self sufficient and doing fine on our own.

So stop whining, occupy a job, and work to pick your own ass off the ground because picking my own has been enough for me. Now it's time for YOU to pay your fair share to society. I've done my part and will do my part until I close my eyes. So leave me alone.

And for the sake of all things clean--take a freaking shower!

P.S. I'm annoyed about bank fees too but overall I still like my bank. Most importantly, I still can take a crap in a toilet too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That's Rad Dude

Regardless whether you submerge yourself in every detail of the political arena (like most of us try to avoid) or just occasionally pass by a television with a random news channel blaring; you’ve probably heard a pundit or two talk about radical (fill in the blank). The radical left. The radical right. Free radicals. Those waves were so radical. You’ve heard it and you know it.

Nobody wants to be deemed a radical anything, especially radicals themselves. Yet for some reason (in hope to appeal to the more far out niches of the ideology chart during campaign season) candidates love to associate themselves with radical figures. Take into account the FRC Values Voter Summit which goes on yearly for some reason in Washington.

Now politically speaking when it comes to most issues I’m pretty conservative because I believe that government tends to screw up everything it touches. Working in the health industry I can definitely speak with confidence that government regulation tends to harm the patient more than it helps them. Case in point this passage of the disaster a la Obamacare. However it truly infuriates me that our political system loves to give credence to people that I like to affectionately call the “Pat Robertson Mafia”.

Now I’m not talking about evangelists or born-again’s or whatever the religious voters are calling themselves these days. I’m talking about the people that sit and quote actual word for word scripture (completely out of context) as justification for their opposition or support of a candidate. I’m talking the people that are so bat shit crazy that I’m positive they sleep hanging upside down. The Westboro’s and their distant incest-spawned cousins that aren’t already members fall into these hanging people.

I’m not a man of statistics because I really don’t care that much about these people to bother to look up how much of the actual voting population they make up-but I’d say that roughly they’re like 5%. I say 5% because I know for a fact that 14%-18% of the electorate considers itself the “Christian Right”. So let’s say 5% sleeps upside down.

Considering that these idiots are a strong 5% I have to ask myself the following question: WHY IN THE HELL ARE THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY TO APPEAL TO THESE WACKOS?

Obama right now is barely holding onto the 66% of the Democratic electorate that still supports him. He’s not going to get any Republicans to throw a balloon party for him come November 2012 so why is it that the Republicans even took the time to hang around a voter summit that’s only going to bring them negative publicity? It’s not like the news media is going to sugarcoat any coverage of events involving the GOP anyways. So why attend an event that is a magnet for radicals? I mean seriously face palm to the n’th.

One of the event’s sponsors is Bryan Fischer who is a director at the American Family Association. Now why should you know this name? Because this is the same dude that said that the gays were responsible for the Holocaust and that Hitler was himself a “homosexual prostitute” while also spewing other nutty conspiracy theories about how every criminal and terrorist action on the planet is somehow brought on by “sexual deviance”. He’s also the same dude that said that Mitt Romney being a Mormon meant that he was not “protected under the first amendment.” Yes the guy is that nucking futs.

Yet all the Republican candidates made a bee line to be at this event . Some of them handled it well as an opportunity I guess to get their face in front of a camera as a “strong moral conservative” (which did nothing for their poll numbers) and others kind of just made asses of themselves (to the majority of the populace that isn’t a GOP loyalist) . Then the news media got involved and dug up the dirt which at an event like this wasn’t hard to find. A statement was made about how Mitt Romney’s church was a cult and there was plenty of anti-gay rhetoric to shoot down a rainbow. I especially loved the part of how “gay marriage was the single biggest threat to national security” made by none other than Bryan Fischer. Anybody seeing a pattern here? I am.

We may now raise the terror level to “glitter.” In fact while we're at it I want what drugs this guy is on because if gay people we're truly the most threatening force to our national security these days; I could get some damn sleep for once. In fact maybe I'd even sleep upside down too and be able to find an interior decorator that actually knows what the hell they're doing.

Fast forward to the most recent debate where Michelle Bachmann criticizes Herman Cain’s economic plan and says that his 9-9-9 plan should be flipped as the 6-6-6 plan. Now being the rational thinking American that I am who has a perpetually increasing disgust for bullshit the second she said that my eyes rolled back in their socket and I start seizing on the couch. At that point it didn’t matter what analogy Bachmann was trying to make or elude to because I was already annoyed and disgusted and if I was already turned off I’m sure plenty of less political Americans than I were as well.

So there I was looking at the screen and thinking to myself again, “Are you crazy?!” Then it hit me. Bachmann, Fischer, the AFA, the FRC; they’re no different then the Van Jones, Reverend Wrights, the Pivens of the world. It’s just radicals on both sides. So maybe the Values Summit was actually a good thing for the country because it exposed to the American people exactly what was going on and who some of these people are. Hopefully this time around the American voters will take a different path than what they did in 2008. Hopefully voters will not ignore the radical ties that candidates have and question with boldness the direction these candidates plan on taking when in office. We ignored the warning signs that came with Obama and now look where we are. Just because we’ve drifted this far to the left does not mean that taking a rocket to the far right will help this country.

Radicals are radicals. They will go to radical means to reach radical goals and radical goals will not bode well for this country as a whole.