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Barack Ron Paul Obama

I have received a lot of heat over Twitter and emails regarding why I should support Ron Paul and what a Ron Paul Revolution will do for America in 2013. In fact I have received so much flack about this guy from like probably the three or four people that actually read this blog anyway and follow me that I feel I need to make an entry devoted purely to Ron Paul.

I'm also kidding about the reader comment I actually have like 9 or 10.

Ron Paul. Ron Paul. Ronny Paulie. Ronopoly. Big Ron. What can I say about him?

Well for starters, I feel like he is absolutely a really bad idea for this country. Yep...I said it. Waiting now for the influx of hateful emails from passionate Ron Paul fans about how I'm standing in the way of true reform in this country. Send them. I can take the name calling. I'm a big boy.

Got that out of your system? Good now let's look at facts.

There are a lot of things that I agree with Ron Paul about. In fact I give him a lot of credit for bringing attention to government overreach and redundancies. I am with him on foreign aid and I am so with him on getting rid of the Federal Reserve, The Department of Energy, etc. The guy makes some damn good points.

But. And this is one big but. Nicki Minaj would be be jealous.

There are some things that Ron Paul says that are absolutely beyond crazy and not beyond crazy in the adorable aww "he's old and senile" kind of way. Ron Paul believes that the only chance of survival for the United States is by collecting all of our military forces from around the world, pulling all of our international intelligence connections, and bringing everything back within the borders of the United States. Then he believes that if we somehow cut the ever living crap out of the size of federal government--our government will somehow miraculously rebound. Pure and simple: he is an isolationist.

Ladies and gentleman, if anybody says to you in the year 2011 that they believe that isolationism is a good way to operate as a country--run for the hills.

Now make note that I am not talking about the US being self-sufficient but neither is the Ron Paul movement. I firmly believe that the United States government has created an environment which has made it profitable to somebody (not the United States citizens) for businesses to look elsewhere to do business. We have the highest business tax in the world. Case in point. Blame the government. I also believe that we fail to acknowledge that we have resources within our own borders that can sustain our energy needs until a new and efficient greener energy resource is available. We don't need the Arabs or the Russians for oil. Who do you think built the technology for them to get the oil in the first place? You've got it.

Ron Paul doesn't really get that. Ron Paul (and his rabid supporters even though I believe they're more on the kick of regurgitation than actual comprehension) believes that the majority of the hostility in the world is caused not by evil interests or people; but because at some point in world history the United States did something to provoke this hostility. He believes that the United States is the source of the problems in the world. Now I'm not saying that this is totally not any different than the current attitude of a current apologist leader of the free world, but it's still pretty funny that they both share a common opinion about their own country.

By the way I am not making any of this up. Ron Paul has said these things. These plans I have mentioned are not folklore and can easily be pulled up by a simple Youtube search. Ron Paul believes this. He said it in 2008 during the Republican primaries. He has said it as recently as this year about 9-11 & Iran's thirst of nuclear development. According to Ron Paul we're to blame for every terrorist attack on America and Americans abroad. Don't forget what I just wrote. Keep this detail in mind. I'm going to touch back on it in a minute; as this is the framework to the big disastrous picture that is the Ron Paul Revolution.

Let's get back to his foreign policy for a minute. Ron Paul wants to bring everything back here. He believes that by getting America out of everybody else's business the world will again be at peace (which it hasn't been ever) and America will again be prosperous. Sure it's a great pipe dream. I know it sucks to live in reality too, doesn't it?

While in theory it's a great idea; Ron Paul slashes his own wrist centering his campaign around this principle. Considering that there weren't bad people in the world and that everybody was actually capable of living and coexisting with each other without strapping bombs to their children and sending them into crowded market places-Ron Paul might actually be on to something. However, we don't live in Pleasantville and there are people in this world that are hellbent on seeing an end to Western Society at all costs. They will die for it and the greatest honor to their cause is to die taking us with them. So let's do what Ron Paul wants to do and pull our military out of...everywhere.

This kind of wolf does not go away by simply running into the house, slamming the door, and pretending it doesn't exist. If we go through with Ron Paul's plan we will accomplish change, don't get me wrong. It's just the change isn't going to be too positive.

For starts, with President Paul we will be militarily ineffective and intelligently void as our intelligence agencies and military will not have been allowed to operate effectively. As Ron Paul has said the military budget is not off the cutting room table so you can expect massive cuts to be made. We will again be making decisions off the same ill-enabled intelligence that told us that Osama was in Afghanistan (which was a war Ron Paul voted in support of) and that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. On another note our ally Israel (I would argue the strongest ally we have on the planet) will be left to fend for itself in a region that is devoted to the destruction of both it and every Jew on the face of the planet. We will again be responsible for ignoring a genocide.

So we've pulled our military from all over the world and brought them home. We're not involved in anyone else's business at an international level. We are solely focused on issues at home. So naturally you'd think that somebody who was aware that we have enemies in the world would push for a major overhaul of the immigration policies of the United States. Not Ron Paul. Ron Paul believes that illegal immigrants should not be given an "unfair treatment" under our federal law system. Wait? Hold on? What does "unfair treatment" mean? Nobody really knows. In fact I'm pretty sure Ron Paul doesn't either. However he did say that he feels that the government should not be getting in the way of the Catholic Church fulfilling it's charitable duty of housing illegal immigrants crossing the border. After all it's charity. I mean they're not breaking the...oh wait aren't they breaking the law? Wouldn't that after all be aiding and abetting? So let me get this straight if I can?

Dr. Paul is supposedly a subscriber to Constitutionalism. As a subscriber to strict Constitutionalism one could argue that the sole and only responsibility of the federal government was to protect the people of the United States of America. So at this point President Paul has cut our military funding, pulled our military and intelligence out of every country in the world, and now made it clear that while we can build a fence on the border we shouldn't be unfairly singling out illegal immigrants or punishing those who aid them on their journey in the United States. In lay mans terms, Dr. Paul has not only failed at his duty as an American to uphold the law at all costs; he has failed his oath as the leader of the United States of America to protect the citizens of his country against all threats of domestic and foreign source. After all ignoring foreign conflict only got us dragged into World War II. Pearl Harbor anybody?

So you have the framework as we have Paul ending the "imperial military complex" which is pretty much the only thing that has kept this world from self-destructing in the last century. We have Ron Paul being tough and fuzzy on immigration. What else is there that possibly can be a red flag for potential voters to not vote for this guy? How about his supporters. His rabid out of touch supporters.

I don't want to be the guy that draws this parallel but isn't it amazing that the majority of Paul's most rabid supporters tend to be of the same demographic that makes up the whole 99% movement? The "I have really no idea why I'm here but somebody light me up a joint and lets party" 20-30 something year living in a basement somewhere type. This isn't entirely a coincidence because if you remember from the most recent debate Ron Paul said this about the 99% movement.

Now Ron Paul is right to an extent however he continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth. He will stand there and complain about how the government shouldn't be getting involved and the market should be left to work itself out. Yet on the other hand he says:

"We have to blame the business cycles and the economic policies that led to this disaster".

Wait what? How is it that we're supposed to not change the way businesses operate in this country yet we need to blame the business cycle? What business cycles are we referring to? Does Paul know what he's talking about? I don't really know because you can never get a read on where he's coming from. Pure statistical facts. You get rambling talking points but you get no hard concrete statistical facts to back up anything he says. Sound familiar? Yeah it should. Obama. 99%. Occupiers. We can't blame the victims? Who are the victims? Somebody that goes out and puts down $15,000 on a $500,000 house they can't afford and yet it's the banks fault? People that don't want to pay college loans back that they signed a contract to obtain suddenly not wanting to anymore? Where's Ron Paul attacking the college universities for raising their tuition rates? I see a lot of straw men here and yet very little criticism. The reason you can't get in a debate with these people about issues because you get this from the Ron Paul camp.

"Well Iran is going to bother us. We have like a bunch of nukes and they don't. They're not going to mess with us!"

Well they just actually tried to kill a Saudi Ambassador on American soil. That really doesn't show them being too scared of us.

"Bro, you're an idiot. Ron Paul is fighting for your rights whether you want them or not!"

Is he really? My rights? My rights to what?

"People are so afraid of the TRUTH!! THE TRUTH!! S**T IS F***CKD YO!! RON PAUL 12!!" (That is actually copy and pasted apparently the F word has an extra letter in it)

"You're stuck bro. Ron Paul is doing what needs to be done! I bet you couldn't do better!"

Well "bro". I totally could. I could fix this country in ten minutes. So I give you my plan for fixing the United States of America if I were totally President.

- Restructure the tax system that requires that all citizens of the United States of America pay some form of flat income tax regardless of their wealth bracket. Let's set it at 30%. If you are unable to make the payment, you pay what you can and owe the government the remainder with interest until it is paid off.

- English will be set as the official language of business and government in the United States. Don't like it. Too bad. If other countries can have official languages based off of their founding and tradition, so can America. We split of Great Britain. Our language is English.

- If a country wants our military support they can pay for it. No more nation building without this country seeing green. No more checks to clean up the country after we're done leveling it and if the country has resources we need--we take them.

- Foreign aid would be reformed to be distributed on a per country basis. If we can come up with something as stupid as a "Super-Committee" we can definitely find time to choose which countries we support and which we don't. No more blanket aid.

- The UN would be defunded completely. If they don't want to support our country or our alliance with Israel they can do it without our subsidies.

- Immigration protocol will be enforced and immigrants will be given probationary visas on the basis of their skills and potential to contribute to the American economy. Guest worker programs will be applied for from the immigrants country.

- The business tax will be lowered and corporate welfare will be abolished as tax incentives will be only distributed to company's who are primarily invested in employing Americans at fair wages and under fair labor standards.

- Energy production will be maximized safely and responsibly in all source fields -- coal, nuclear, biofuel, oil, natural gas, hydroelectric, solar -- and development in new renewable sources of green energy will be primary goal.

- The United States will implement policy of not dealing financially with countries that harbor enemies of the United States or threaten her interests abroad. Companies that choose to do business will not be granted the protection by our government abroad or permission to do so.

- Obama Care and all related programs implemented under the Obama administration will be eliminated.

- Departments & Agencies of the Federal Government will be audited and requested to prove their efficiency and worth to the American taxpayer. If they cannot they will be defunded and eliminated.

- All toilet paper will be free as no man should ever enter a public restroom and find themselves in a stall with no paper.

Okay well the last one was a joke but the solutions to our problems in this country are simple and blunt. It's just people don't want to hear them and neither does the Ron Paul camp. Believe it or not under the guise of Ron Paul's libertarian anti-government leanings lie the very foundation of the 99% movement. A group of entitled misfits, brats, and anarchists eager to stir up trouble and screw with people that have had no involvement in the misfortunes and problems of the movement at all. Like Herman Cain said during the debate: "These people want the bankers to come down and cut them a check." That's all it's about. It's not about a movement and it's not about the country. It's about a bunch of people who don't want to be responsible passing their costs on to somebody else and if Ron Paul is embracing these people in his movement and Obama is embracing these people in his movement; what does that tell you about the movements of both individuals.

Thank God for the toilet paper industry I will probably never be President and thank God for America neither will Ron Paul.

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  1. And you're a libertarian? Really?
    I suggest so that you come to realize you're less libertarian than the modern version of the Republican. The old Republican is what you'd call "isolationist" but I digress.
    Good luck with everything.