Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy My Annoyance

Because I'm sick of everybody else whining about their debt and problems I want my five minutes to whine about the whiners. Why is it that people in this country feel the need to complain about the earnings of people they don't even know? Do these people realize that the big bad 1% is made up of 10% of people who were born into it and 90% of people that made their own way there? Maybe a few of those in the 90% were lottery or casino winners but the vast majority, at some time in their lives, started out middle class or with very little and risked their way to the top. THEY TOOK RISKS. However they're guilty of fraud and corruption and according to the MSM we should sit quietly and be subjected to people fresh out of college whining about how they have debt and it's somebody else's responsibility to pay for it.

All I've heard from OSW supporters and partakers on Twitter and Facebook is that they're organizing to expose the fraud and corruption of the 1%. Not a single one of them can give me an example of what fraud has been committed in support of these charges they're hurling against a portion of the United States population--but we should know that they're guilty of fraud and corruption. Charged, tried, and awaiting sentencing.

Another thing. What are these degrees that these people have because something tells me that if the unemployment rating went down to 1%; these people would still be out in the street complaining about how they can't find a job. Let me give you an example.

If you graduate college with a degree in musicology (and I'm a professional musician keep in mind), what do you think is going to happen? Did any of you rational, intelligent protestors bother to look up employment projections or occupational outlook reports before you went and got loans for these fields? Or were those too lame for you hipsters to read? I'm sorry maybe we should've recorded them on vinyl or printed them on hemp. Would that have grabbed your attention? You feel me?

It's like going to a university in Arizona to become a marine biologist and complaining that you have to relocate for your job. Hello?!

Third off where do these 99% (which is a total exaggeration of their population density but I'd bet these clowns probably nearly all fall under the category of people who pay no federal income tax) protesters get off complaining about their student loans. They went and got these loans and signed a contract for this loan that laid out under its conditions that when they graduated they'd have to start paying back the loan. If they got a loan they signed a contract. A CONTRACT. They borrowed somebody else's money. Now they complain it's not fair they have to pay it back? I'm sorry but who the hell are you? Why are you not protesting these colleges and universities for their outrageous tuition costs? They're the ones to blame.

Many of these protesters if they truly are as broke as they say they are probably have subsidies covering a lot of their costs. Many have EBT cards. Many have food stamps. Some probably even have government insurance and health plans. However, I have a feeling the vast majority have Mommy & Daddy footing the bill from some upper middle class neighborhood. In fact I'm pretty sure some probably don't even realize that their own parents are close to being or already a part of the big bad 1% they're lobbying against.

So where does this put me? Who the hell am I to criticize them?

Let me clarify a few things. I have had my share of tragedy like everybody else on this planet. I'm living through this economic hardship like the rest of America. I'm not rich and I'm not broke. I'm an everyday American who works for what he has and is proud of the work he does to make it on his own. I don't blame other people for my situation and I think it's about time people start taking a page from Americans like me. When times get hard you roll up your sleeves and cover your own butt. You can always moan about it later. In my case I prefer to go quietly and laugh about it over a beer I purchased with MY OWN MONEY.

  • I worked three jobs (making $7, $9, $10 an hour) with my first one starting at age 16.

  • My Dad got laid off during the mass layoffs at GM (pre-government bailout GM) and had made enough over his career working 50 hour weeks as senior designer that I didn't qualify for a substantial amount of student aid. FAFSA pretty much laughed in my face. It however didn't take into the account the other expenses like you know health insurance and what not.

  • I got a degree from a college I paid my way through except for one semester which was paid by a scholarship I had qualifieid for from a test. This PROMISE scholarship was revoked by a governor who supports OCCUPY WALL STREET. Ironic right?

  • Time I spent protesting about it, blaming rich people, and crapping on cop cars = Zero. I was busy working.

  • At 19 I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disease known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. I also happened to lose my insurance right around this time because new government GM felt the need to make some changes to non-union retiree benefits. The promise of being under my parents insurance until I was 26 was amended. The government apparently doesn't believe in written contracts. By the time I got back on insurance I had already spent a small fortune paying for treatments, injections, and monthly medications. At 20 years old rather than paying fully for it in cash; I could now pay for insurance. Yippee.

  • Time I spent protesting about it, blaming rich people, and crapping on cop cars = Zero.

  • Currently I'm working towards getting my Masters in Health Service Administration at a private college that I worked multiple jobs on location and at home to afford to pay for it. Hopefully this will be a job that will get me somewhere near the 1% and you know if it doesn't I won't care because I don't have to be rich to be happy. I still find the time to see my family & friends and you could've prospered from a bet that this past Sweetest Day (Hallmark Holiday) my girlfriend and I had a hell of a fancy dinner. I still find the time to play music and record music and the money to donate to charitable causes like the USO and St. Jude.

  • I'm currently 15K in debt for school but I'll pay it back somehow when I graduate just like I've paid for everything else life has thrown my way.

America still rules and I'm still thankful for it to have me. Being part of the greatest experiment in freedom on this planet; I have it so much better than so many in this world do. Guess what? So do the Occupiers who think that their lives are so messed up.

I am part of the 53% or the 47% or whatever percentage of people the statistics want to point out to be self sufficient and doing fine on our own.

So stop whining, occupy a job, and work to pick your own ass off the ground because picking my own has been enough for me. Now it's time for YOU to pay your fair share to society. I've done my part and will do my part until I close my eyes. So leave me alone.

And for the sake of all things clean--take a freaking shower!

P.S. I'm annoyed about bank fees too but overall I still like my bank. Most importantly, I still can take a crap in a toilet too.

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