Sunday, January 30, 2011

Remember Me?!

Hello blogosphere. My name is Joe and once upon a time I actually published things on this blog. Interesting things. Eye-popping experiences. Hard-hitting political and social commentary that left people awe-struck and dumbfounded at the enlightened wisdom that I could spew at the drop of the hat. Gratuitous steamy sex scenes...


Things came up. Actually a lot of things came up. Schooling became a major priority and work took over my life. It's pretty hard to maintain a blogging habit when you've got 16 credit hours and two jobs at 30+ hours a week. I'm burnt out as hell. B-U-R-N-T. O-U-T.

Needless to say I still am tweeting away at my twitter and I promise to try and get back to this blog as soon as I possibly can. I'm sure that I'll be off all ten of my faithful blog visitor's shit lists in no time and back onto every liberal bloggers shit list in a matter of a few days so hang in there just a little bit longer folks! The Kup is back! sure to check out my buddy's new podcast, "The Kyle & Jeremy Show" at They're absolutely awesome. Listen, show your support, and subscribe or they will find you and murder your families!

Okay well they probably won't...but you really want to take that risk?

- Joe

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