Friday, November 19, 2010

A Salute (One-Fingered) To Rep. Alan Grayson

Without further ado and in lieu of stories about crotch grabbing at the airports; I present you with the final hoorah of the honorable Frankenstein monster of Florida. I give you Rep. Alan Grayson. God I'm going to miss this guy. He does more for advancing common sense idealism than any of us could ever do criticizing him. Not to be outdone with his "Republicans want you to die quickly" charts, Grayson returns to his pedestal with a brand new rant entitled "What Republicans Can Do With Their Tax Cuts For The Rich".

Watch and enjoy

Yes. Yes young Democratic pawns. Feel the hate flowing through you. Blame the rich! Covet their earnings and excess. You know Mr. Grayson, had you any real ideas outside of the typical class-warfare progressive talking points you may have actually been re-elected. Oh well…you really put the (D) in delusion.

According to Alan Grayson the rich can buy an $83,000 2011 Mercedes luxury car not just once, but every single year, for the next decade. You heard him correctly! Those evil top earners can selfishly inject over $800,000 of THEIR OWN DISPOSABLE INCOME (which they couldn’t have really honestly earned because their too rich to have souls or be Democrats) into an automobile company's bottom line. It’s not like they can take $800,000 in ten year earned income per rich white Republican dude and covert that income into paying for new job openings for working class people. Oh those selfish capitalist pigs. Clearly they have no idea how to properly spend their income. Rep. Grayson is so right. We should just have the government take that $83,000 or $800,000 (depending on which figures get you more warm and fuzzy inside) and put it into a slush fund program that could buy a congressman a toilet seat, or pay off special interest groups, private jet fuel tabs, or hookers. Tax dollars well spent, ol chap!

Maybe they could even make another one of these!

Alan Grayson knows how to spend money properly. I’m sorry let me rephrase that. Alan Grayson knows how to spend YOUR money properly. Because we all know that government creates jobs! Look at Los Angeles, California. $111 million in stimulus and the Los Angeles Labor Force was able to expand by a whopping 54 jobs. After all had 111 entrepreneurs and small-business owners been able to each invest $1,000,000 in developing a new business venture—it’s not like they’d been able to create more than 54 jobs. I mean 54 government jobs is clearly more than 111 entrepreneurial positions plus staff. 54 is greater number than 111. The TSA's love pats (in Macomb we call them hand jobs) will stop terrorists and the sky is purple too! One plus one is three. Ke$ha can actually sing and KFC is actually chicken!

This presentation was so arrogantly ridiculous it’s laughable. The only thing that would have made this more laughable would’ve been had Grayson actually brought in these items and then turned around and criticized private citizens about purchasing them.

Government does not make jobs. They expand government. Ladies and gentlemen, a mixed economy cannot survive on a public sector being larger than the private sector. It doesn’t happen. It’s unsustainable. Unfortunately, the scary thing is that while Alan Grayson will be history by January, there are plenty left in Congress that share in his delusional viewpoints.

That alone should scare the bejeezus out of you.

Until next time…

Peace & Love,


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