Tuesday, November 9, 2010

100th Post!!! It's Rocket Time!!

Was it a missile? Was it a plane? Was it Robert Downey Jr. in an Iron Man suit? Nobody really knows and by nobody I mean the Pentagon, our government, and anybody with an IQ just south of a bedroom slipper. The rest of the world can pretty much take a guess that it was a rocket propelled object of some kind. We can probably assume that this is a missile. M-I-S-S-I-L-E. Yeah those things that usually are rocket propelled and can be launched from submarines. They usually are used as weapons or to propel weapons over long distances.

Experts are arguing over what caused the contrail over southern California. John Pike, from globalsecurity.org says that it was merely an optical illusion. However, Joe from kupreality.blogspot.com counters that John Pike is merely an optical illusion caused by the bloated accumulation of methane, incompetence, and depth perception problems.

Since none of our intelligence agencies seem to know what this thing was that apparently soared from 30 miles off of our Pacific seaboard; I think we really need to reevaluate why we are spending billions of dollars on our so called intelligence and national defense. I mean it's really sad that NORAD & the Pentagon can't even decide, two days later, whether this was a missile and what direction it was heading in. This proves that as long as our enemies pop up less than 50 miles from our coast; they can blow us to hell and it'll take our intelligence agencies three weeks to figure out what color shoes they should wear to their situation room briefings.

The Navy says that it was heading away from us. Our imaginary friend at globalsecurity.org says it was heading towards the camera. NASA says it was alien Muslims from planet Zorcon. Dubya says that it was a WMD that was stolen by North Koreans from Iraq (and that you should check out his new book in stores now!) during the Obama administration's tenure. Joe just wants to cry at how incompetent our security officials are. By the way when I'm done crying I expect Obama to send us a big tax rebate for all of the tax dollars that have been wasted subsidizing our non-existent national security agencies.

However as the reporters from the LA Times pointed out. There is one thing that the dope smokers and fruit baskets of Los Angeles can all agree on. Regardless of what it was or where it was going...it sure was pretty mannnn.

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