Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walk This Way...Fall That Way

Okay I need to go see Aerosmith play at some point on their current tour. In fact I'm thinking of traveling to see them because this band not only puts on the greatest live orgasmic rock n roll concerts around to date; they've also apparently added slapstick comedy to their set list. In fact they've added a lot of comedy to this tour.

What started a few months ago with Steven Tyler plummeting off of the edge of the stage has escalated into more of the same and then some. Earlier this week Steven Tyler was "bumped" off of the edge of the stage by guitarist Joe Perry. I don't blame Joe. Considering some of the decisions Tyler has made recently I'd push him off an elevated platform too. Considering these two are always bickering maybe it was intentional or maybe it wasn't.

Point is--Steven Tyler needs to invest in Life Alert. I mean you can only "live on the edge" if you avoid falling off of it.

If Tyler's habitual experimentations with gravity hasn't caught the attention of countless fans I'm pretty sure him clocking Perry in the head with his mic stand in New York sure will. Now I don't want to laugh at the misfortune of one of my favorite bands of all time. Aerosmith was what really turned me onto playing guitar. I remember my mom buying me a cassette for Aerosmith's Greatest Hits and that was it. I was hooked. However, the number of "incidents" that are occurring on this tour are like beyond the Spinal Tap norm.

To quote a readers comments from the TMZ website:

What next?

Joe Perry accidentally punches Steven Tyler's face inside out on stage

Steven Tyler accidentally urinates on Joe Perry's head on stage

Joe Perry accidentally runs Steven Tyler over with a jeep on stage

Steven Tyler accidentally blow-torches Joe Perry on stage

Joe Perry accidentally chainsaws Steven Tyler's head off on stage

Steven Tyler accidentally pushes Joe Perry into a shark tank on stage

Joe Perry accidentally fires a nuclear missile at Steven Tyler on stage

Steven Tyler accidentally shoves a live snake up Joe Perry's ass on stage.
One has to wonder.

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