Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lost Post: Corporate Math.

Every once in a blue moon a post doesn't get finished or I get distracted or it's forgotten until later. Back when corporate was short-staffing us during one of our busiest months to date I had worked out a mathematical formula in pure angst and frustration at my company's stupidity. I'd like to now share this with you all.


Originally from 06/08/2010

Food for thought. If corporate does not want to supply adequate help to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency for our customer base maybe we should simply just meet their status quo? I mean if they're going to pay us and base our raises off of the numbers that they see on their charts maybe ensuring that everybody is made as comfortable and happy as possible is overkill?

Today we did 200 prescriptions with two people working for the final 7 hours of the day. Amongst the 200 prescriptions were about 7 faxes that didn't even get ran through and 103 register transactions. Just for shits and giggles lets do a little creative math here.

200 prescriptions (with an average of 2 to 3 minutes per count and additional minute for check-up)
103 register transactions (averaging about 5 to 20 minutes depending on counsel time and problems)
Endless phones ringing and pointless questions about coupons
Real questions (making up about 5% of all questions of the day)

Considering that at best the day was steady and the prescriptions were steadily distributed across a 12 hour period we can conclude that 7 hours with 2 people on shift would have to be responsible for 58% of the scripts. 58% of 200 is 116. We're responsible for 116 scripts averaging 2 to 3 minutes.

116 X 2 = 232/60 = 3.8 hours
59.75 (58% of 103 register transactions) = 59.75 X 5(minutes) = 298.7/60 =4.9 hours

3.8 (4) + 4.9 (5) =9 hours

9 > 7

Therefore two people working with minimum distractions for a 7 hour period of time cannot sustain proper maximum efficiency unless they have an extra 2 hours of shift time...or more conveniently a third person. Will that happen? No. Remember this is the corporate office.


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