Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Mosque In The City

ZOMG! Joe! Did you hear about the mosque in New York City?! What do you think they’re going to do? Do you agree with them? Do these shorts make my eyes look huge?

If you’ve been anywhere near a radio or television, sometime in the last two weeks, you’ve heard about the controversy that’s occurring in New York City over a controversial Imam’s mosque being built merely blocks from the WTC site. Of course the American public is not hearing facts about what’s occurring. We’re just sitting here listening to one side maul on other side while the President occasionally pops in with meat to feed the lions. So what do I think about the Mosque controversy?

- President Obama needs to shut up and stay out of it. This is not a campaign. You’re not on the campaign trail. You’re the President of the United States. Act like it.
- What is so special about that particular site? Even if people want to argue the point of “religious tolerance” wouldn’t any religion in the “name of peace” simply decide that this spot is a little too inflammatory to a lot of people and decide to relocate.
- I think that the reason they are avoiding relocation is because there are political and foreign interests at play here that are way too important to be compromised on.
This is obviously a local matter that has exploded into a national media circus. Regardless, this is still a LOCAL matter. Mayor Bloomberg, while an idiot, is entitled to his opinion on the matter. I think he’s not looking at this issue the right way but hey I’m not Mayor Bloomberg. However, the President of the United States has far other issues to be worried about before whether a mosque can get put up at the WTC site or not.

More importantly, I’m starting to wonder if this guy simply watches the polls to see what’s the least popular opinion to take. This guy has done more in the last year to divide this nation than Bush was able to accomplish in his eight years in office. However, I seriously have began wondering if that’s just what Obama is trying to accomplish. He can’t gain enough support for his socialist policies by themselves so he has to make a boogeyman. His boogeyman: the majority. In this case Americans are doubting the intentions of this cleric. Americans are seeing the risk in the message that this mosque is going to send to the Middle East.

It’s been 9 years since the 9-11 attacks. There is no new rebuilt WTC. I’m not saying that throughout Islamic history, mosques are often erected as a sign of conquer and victory. Yes I am. I’m not saying that this Imam, while refusing to condemn terrorist organizations that believe in something as primitive as Sharia Law, may have some interests in using this mosque for just though historical reasons. Again…yeah I am. I’m not saying that this Imam refuses to condemn terrorist organizations such as Hamas or disclose where some of his funding is coming from. Actually…yeah you got my opinion there.

On the other side of that coin--what happens when the nuts here start to stir up trouble with this mosque once it’s built or vice-versa. What kind of image is that going to send to the Middle East? You can’t tell me that these politicians and the supporters of this mosque really are so completely unaware of the consequences. I don’t buy their ignorance on this issue. Personally I think they’re playing the same card they’ve played on other issues. Divide and conquer. Let’s get everybody enraged about stupid minuscule things (aka stir up the stupid who can’t formulate intelligent thought without shaking their fists or dropping profanity in place of wisdom) therefore we’re busy name-calling each other while the federal government is able to push more through while everybody’s distracted.

So let’s focus here. It’s not that were a racist country. It’s not anything that Obama has to say. It’s about what can and can’t happen. We're opening up a bag of worms here building this mosque. We're not dealing with people overseas that are living in the 21st century. Image is everything, and when you're dealing with radical nutcases who can easily stir up the ignorant--bad things can happen.

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