Sunday, May 2, 2010

Safety Alert From Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department

I got forwarded this email and looked it up to verify it. Scary stuff.

Forward from the Sheriff's Department in Washtenaw County, MI. I couldn't find the full email online so I retyped it from what my Dad sent me.

Good morning to you all. I want to make you aware of a recent incident that occurred this morning in York Twp. This type of incident directly affects your safety as well as your children's safety. This morning, at approximately 8.00 am, I was dispatched to an address on Bemis Rd near the Saline City Limits, for an unexploded pop bottle bomb. When I arrived, I noticed a 20 ounce pop bottle, on the ground, in the callers front yard. After I inspected it closer, I determined that it was in fact a "Works" Bomb. I was able to clear the device away from the house and once I moved it, it detonated itself within 30 seconds. After leaving that house, I checked other yards in the area during my patrols. I located a second one, just a few doors down from the first one. As I took care of the disposal/detonation, the homeowner came out and asked me what it was. When I showed her what it was, she immediately told me that she saw the bottle and that she had planned on picking it up when she got her morning paper. Like the first one, once I moved it, it detonated in short order. There was a high probability that this would have detonated in her hand/face while she carried it to the trash.

A "Works" Bomb is Drain-O and Tin Foil, mixed together inside of a bottle. The chemical reaction between the Drain-O and the Tin Foil makes a volatile build up of gasses and subsequently detonates the bottle with a great amount of force. Once the detonation occurs, the chemical substance that is in the bottle is actually boiling liquid.

The amount of force that is generated at the time of the explosion is enough to sever fingers and also deliver 2nd and 3rd degree burns to the victim. The chemicals can possibly cause blindness and the toxic fumes can be harmful.

***SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY***...When you are out and about in your yards, please be mindful of these devices. If you're picking up your morning paper, or mowing your grass, or if you let your children out to play; whatever your activities are, please use the following precautions.

1.) If you find a soda bottle or any other bottles, examine it carefully before you touch it or get near it. If it shows signs of swelling or melting in any way, DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! Call 911 and let us respond to take care of it.

2.) If you find a soda bottle that has any liquid in it, DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! Call 911 and let us respond to check it/dispose of it.

Both bombs this morning appeared to be slightly swollen, with a dark colored liquid, inside of it. This liquid could have easily been mistaken for left over soda.

I know that calling 911 for a soda bottle may sound silly or like a misuse of your police protection but trust me, it is not. You do not want one of these devices detonating in your hand or your children's hands or in your pet's face. We are here to incur the danger for you so that you and your loved ones are not harmed. So please check your yard thoroughly before letting your children out to play and be mindful before you just deem that soda bottle as garbage and pick it up.

In closing, please educate your children on the dangers and consequences of making these devices. It has become popular with the youth in the past few years, to do this as a prank, but there have been some changes to the law. Not only could it be deadly to the maker or the victim, but making of these devices is called, "Possession of a Substance with Explosive Capabilities". If it causes no damage, its a 15 year felony. If it causes damage, its a 20 year felony. If it causes physical injury, its a 25 year felony. If it causes serious injury, the penalty can be "Up to Life", and if it causes death, it is mandatory life without possibility of parole. These are statutory guidelines only. These penalties are what could be imposed but it does not necessarily mean that these penalties would be imposed.

Definitely not a case of Mentos and diet soda which one person on the Ann Arbor page described it as. This email or I am not saying that one should be absolutely paranoid of any empty soda bottle you see lying around, but use some common sense. If it looks wrong you shouldn't touch it. If something seems suspicious, be mindful, and contact the authorities. That is why we have a police department and pay taxes for such.

And for the idiots that think it's just like mentos and coke. WATCH

Until next time...

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