Saturday, May 1, 2010

NJ You Make Me Laugh

Does anybody understand this? Kyleigh's Law

So let me get this right? If you are under the age of 21, in New Jersey, you will be required to have a red decal on your license plate so a police officer can pull you over and make sure that you have your "proper papers" and are following all the proper driving laws but in Arizona it's profiling if you happen to ask the same thing of someone who is an illegal immigrant. Wait. It get's better. The proponents of Kyleigh's Law also happen to be the same people against the Arizona law. Ha Ha...I know has your head imploded yet?

I have no idea how Kyleigh's law is supposed to work or how any of its proponents think it's supposed to work. I just think that it is all totally retarded. Yes, this girl died. It was a tragedy. I've unfortunately had to deal with losing people I know in car accidents over the course of my 20 years on this planet. It sucks. I know. However explain to me how having less people in a car is supposed to prevent people from dying in the event of a car crash?

I can see the news report now. "Oh, if only she had been driving by herself she would've survived the high speed car wreck."

What? WHAT? The only thing higher than the speed of the crashes has to be the people buying that line of BS!

This sounds to me simply like a money grab. Let's put a red decal on the vehicles that these kids are driving so cops can pull them over to look for something wrong. It's not about people identifying themselves as minors. There already is a license that gives that away.

And again it's so wrong to ask somebody to show identification that their an American citizen but we seem to have no problem forcing American citizens to prove more and more to law officials.

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