Friday, April 30, 2010

Smoking Ban & Public Forum Comments

Oh yeah baby! You be a good journalist and tell that 97 year old that he's been naughty for smoking! Oh yeah tell him he's putting his health at risk. Oh yeah that's the stuff...

Seriously? Are we serious now? You know what else is a health risk for a 97 year old guy? BEING NINETY-SEVEN!!!!

Now look I understand a lot of people don't like smoking. They don't like being around smoke and they don't like smelling it...whatever. I personally don't like the smell of eggs. Everytime I'm around somebody digging into an omelet I want to barf, yet you don't see me lobbying the state for a ban on eggs. There are smoke-free restaurants and there are smoke free bars already people. Find one and go. Tobacco is legal. So is smoking. The tobacco industry gives back billions of dollars that go towards funding education in this country. Does that ever get reported on?

Most importantly, I'm over 18 years old. If I choose to light up who the hell are you to tell me that I can't?

Seriously. I'll wait. Make my day.

It's not that I'm saying that nonsmokers are all rude sissy control freaks. I'm just saying that a lot of rude sissy nonsmoking control freaks are leading the charge for smoking bans around the country. Smokers are discriminated against more than any other group in this country. Think about it. Think about all these in your face campaigns by nonsmokers to shun and embarrass people who smoke. These commercials with these pencil neck college geeks all up in people's kool-aid like, "Why do you smoke man? Your killing yourself and people around you man!"

Let me pose a better question? Why do you care, man?

I remember sitting with a friend outside a theater and watching this ding-dong go way out of their way to walk by where my friend was smoking and fake a cough. Keep in mind we were sitting about 40 feet to the left from the entrance and this idiot parked to the right of the entrance. Yeah it was as stupid looking as it sounds. Look I understand that smoking is horrible for you. I'm very well aware of that fact. Yet as somebody over the legal age of 18, we have every right to go out and purchase a pack of cigarettes.

What I was referring to in the first part of this post was an editorial in our newspaper about some dweeb who decided to take up the cause to get this old guy (who happens to be 97 years old) to stop smoking out in a public park. As I was reading this editorial I felt the need to like punch something near me. Since it wasn't the author I found something of equal intelligence near me. A bedroom slipper.

Regardless this editorial, which you can find online, has a bunch of stupid comments following it which are HILARIOUS. What is it about public comment forums on websites that attract Jerry Springer types? These people make stupid an art form. Jesus...don't feed them after midnight...

Until next time,

Light em up while you can...

Joe K.

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