Friday, April 30, 2010

ZOMG!! Joe are you dead??!

Nah really. Well kind of . It's just been one of those really crazy weeks ending with today which may take the cake for "Overloaded Day of the Year". So I'm not dead. Just haven't had the time or the motivation to get over to the blog and post another enlightened thought from "Joe Land".

I haven't posted a blog about me I think ever since I've started this blog. Maybe I did once...I dunno. But tonight I want to blog about me, I want to blog about I, I want to blog about number one...yeah you get my point.

Over the last few months I've been noticing that my voice will just seem to flat out "die". Sure this is probably not the technical term for it but see if I care? I work at a pharmacy. Not my concern.

Regardless, for someone who is a SINGER/songwriter, it's kind of a little bit of a problem if I can't do something like SING. It also rocks when I'm at work and on the phone with a patient and I'm suddenly sounding like a quiet version of Marge's smoking aunts in The Simpsons.

"Hi, Pharmacy this is...choke wheeze wheeze hack...Jooooooe"
"Umm...uh wrong number."

Pretty sure it's inflammation of the vocal cords. AKA I strained my voice. Wow. Who would've guessed? Certainly not I says the Bee. *Eye-roll*

How do I solve this problem? Simple. I don't talk. Yeah...that's going to happen.

So here I am home after watching a very depressing thrown Wings game over with some friends and my voice is again shot. I'll go to bed with this nasty crackling I don't know what the hell you call it type voice, probably wake up with no voice at all, and then have it back in time for work. So is life...

Until next time,



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