Monday, April 26, 2010

Saving Arizona Again

Well the delusional stoned portion of my migraine has passed and now I'm in the head-splitting portion of my experience but I'd thought I'd spend a little more time on the subject of immigration. I keep hearing these people talk about racial profiling and I read an article in the newspaper today that just made me want to put a hole in the wall.

First off can be real for a minute? The majority of people that are illegal immigrants in Arizona, Nevada, California, etc., are not Irish. They're not black and they're not Asian. The majority of people that are undocumented coming across the border are going to be Mexican. This is not because anybody is racist or anybody wants to target people of Mexican descent. This is because of geography. So what are all these people whining about?

This woman on the television was just going on and on about how it's impossible to tell a legal Mexican immigrant from an illegal and how innocent people are going to get caught up and deported for no reason. How do you tell a legal from an illegal?

Umm...what are documents?

You realize that when you apply for any job you have to prove American citizenship? When you open a bank account you have to prove citizenship. When you use your credit card, most places if they're concerned about your security are going to ask for some form of legal id to prove you are who you are.

I'd like to see this woman get pulled over. Any normal person regardless of race, creed, orientation, who is driving a vehicle and licensed for that vehicle is going to be asked to provide the officer with their drivers license. What's this woman do? I'd assume using her reasoning she tells the cop that it would be racist for him to ask her for drivers license because she's Mexican.

When somebody asks me how I feel justified in supporting this law, I have to say I don't feel justified not supporting it. How is it that here in America, as American citizens we have to follow the sovereign laws and follow the rules to accomplish different tasks, yet I should say that people who aren't even American citizens shouldn't have to follow the same rules that we do? They shouldn't have to provide documentation. They shouldn't have to prove to anybody who they are or whether they have a criminal background. They should just be allowed do do what they wish.

Nobody is going to be suspected of being illegal unless they can't provide documents to prove who they are. If you're pulled over and you don't have a drivers license on you or proof of registration, the police officer has reasonable suspicion to investigate whether the car is really yours. It's not profiling, its investigation. Should we just let people go if they can't provide proof of who they are? I guess the next time somebody walks into a bank and asks to make a withdrawal we shouldn't ask them for proof of ID. Just let them make the withdrawal. They're probably honest. We should assume they're who they say they are. I mean why lie?

Wake up America. Assumptions lead to ruined lives. Assumptions get people killed.

I feel for these people that are trying to escape the corruption of Mexico. I understand how bad things are over there. However, we cannot allow people to just come over without knowing who they are. How are we to know who is over here to support this country and make a better life for themselves and their loved ones from drug smugglers and gang members? If we offer blind amnesty we're not helping people escape from Mexico. We're just eliminating the borderlines. We're allowing the problem to spread across our borders. Folks, it's already happening. Look at the crime in our border towns. It's only the beginning.

There is a process to become a legal citizen in this country. Sure its not easy but neither is life. Tell me does it make sense to just slap every person in America who did things the legal way in the face? To slap every American citizen in the face who follows the rules, and allow people with no documentation and no proof of American allegiance to just walk to the front of the line? Or does it make it sense to force the Mexican government to cut some of the red tape and allow honest people easier access to a path of citizenship? A way to do things the right way. A way to really achieve.

The people of Arizona don't support this law because they hate Mexicans. They support this law because they're seeing their state fall apart because of people who have no legal right to be here. Nobody legal is going to get deported because they look a certain way. Let's be real here...

Until next time,

Peace & Love,

Joe K.

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