Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can't Brain Today, Got The Dumb

I think I woke up with amnesia or mental retardation. I have no idea what happened to me overnight. Maybe I was raped by a zebra, maybe I slept-walk to the roof and fell on my head, maybe I drank a lot of Pennyroyal Tea, maybe I flew like an Eagle but I can't remember anything that happened yesterday. I also cannot seem to think clearly at all today. I was watching the depressing Wings game today and thought to myself, "hmm Joe you seem really disconnected from reality today." Then I said to myself, "Wow Joe you're now talking to yourself . You must be on drugs."

On top of the mass confusion that is my life today. I have to type out an essay regarding my field work I've spent the last three months doing. I also have to come up with a lesson plan. Yes lets have the feverish dude who probably won't remember anything that I'm doing right now later come up with a lesson plan. Ohhh my head.

Summary of today: I can't brain today. My think is off. I've got the dumb.

Way too much sleep. A little too much Starbucks coffee. I think I can hear my hair growing...

Until next time all that peace and love stuff always say.


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