Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saving Arizona

Okay let me just come out and say it. I'm probably going to get called a hypocrite for saying this but as somebody who has actually been out West in the past few years...Arizona, Nevada, etc., have problems.

So I don't really have a problem with what Arizona has done allowing police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants and deport them. There I went there. I said it.

America is a great country. It is the greatest country in the world. Americans can achieve their dreams here through hard work. Every American has the right to the American dream. However America is also a land of constitutional laws. The Bill of Rights was set up to protect American's against the overreach of government. Note the use of the word American. We have legal rights to protect legal citizens. LEGAL citizens. Try and go to Germany and demand what the undocumented in this country demand. Good luck.

I know here in Michigan that an officer can ask you for ID anytime for any reason. Technically if you're caught without it you can be picked up for vagrancy. It's worked for us for a really long time. In fact I'm pretty sure most people in this state aren't even aware of that law. Go look it up folks. It exists. You know how you deal with this issue. You carry ID with you. It's called a wallet. Ladies it's called a purse. Most workplaces, you have an id badge. Most schools, you have a student ID. Welcome to reality folks. Sure in an ideal world we'd all be beautiful and naked 24/7. Unfortunately there isn't enough cocaine at the time to pass around to succumb to that universal daydream.

Sure on most issues I disagree with the notion that "only people breaking the law should have anything to fear". They said that about the Patriot Act. Ha yeah the Patriot Act...

In regards to the immigration issue, however, I really don't see how any of these people whining have a point? If an officer stops you and asks you for ID you pull out your drivers license. You pull out a state id, a green card, a fucking credit card. Folks it's not that hard of a concept. Second of all, these law officials are doing there jobs folks. It's called courtesy. Sure there are extreme cases, where somebody can get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens. Fortunately, nowadays because of innovations in technology and science, it's pretty rare outside of Law & Order and it's ten thousand spin offs.

I encourage people here in my state who haven't went for an enhanced ID to do so and attempt to cross the Canadian border. You want to talk about an intimidating process. The last time I went I got held up because I couldn't remember the letters on my license plate. Even after showing two forms of ID, a scanned enhanced license, and papers to the car, Canada wasn't convinced that I was who I was. Guess what problems I've had getting into the US?


I've yet to have a problem getting into the US. Yet our government has the audacity to say to states who have seen their crime rates triple, witnessed gruesome militant like murders, gang and drug cartel violence, and seen the southern portions of their states turn into turf war zones, that they're not being fair. You know what feds? Fuck you.

There is no intellectual statement that I can possibly even relay to that administration and the whole federal branch in 2010 worth my time. It'll fall on deaf ears anyways. I've come to the conclusion that we have corporate retail management running our country. Take whatever is the most reasonable cost-effective approach to solving a problem, and do the complete opposite. Yes we can!

Gimme a break...

My reality: I have long hair, a dark complexion, and a beard. Yeah I have to shave before I go to an airport because otherwise I'm not getting through without getting naked. Of course apparently if I was of Middle Eastern background and actually acting suspiciously that wouldn't be a problem for me because I could just say I'm being profiled and the government would send me a lawyer. Then after I got a few million I could go crash a plane into a high-rise on some other sunny day.

No it's not racial profiling people. It's called the law of probability.

Let me tell you something. It really doesn't bother me. I know who I am. I also am that deathly afraid of flying that the idea of lax security drives me out of my skin. So yeah I really don't get to bent out of shape over of it. Is it an invasion of privacy? Yeah a little, but 'll deal with the rare chance of running into an "unprofessional" security agent any time and place before being a pile of ash. I didn't create the wackos on this planet. I just have to live with them on it. Keyword: LIVE

So I don't have a problem with what the state government in Arizona is doing. I feel the citizens of Arizona's frustration with the federal government doing absolutely nothing. They're lucky they have a governor that's actually concerned about the state she represents. MI isn't that lucky. I also know that from a Rasmussen poll showing a 70% approval rating towards this new AZ law, I'm pretty sure most of the law-abiding Americans in AZ aren't sweating this too much either.

And in response to the the ever more incompetent AZ Senator John McCain. Yes Americans will pick lettuce for $15 an hour. I'm pretty sure in today's economy most would settle for $10.

So here's a concept folks. If you're driving and get pulled over. Have your driver's license with you.

If that's too difficult or too much of an inconvenience for you, well, I don't know what to tell ya...

Until next time,

Peace & Love,

Joe K.

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