Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

As this Memorial Day winds down I can't even imagine what our country would be today had it not been for the countless brave lives who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our nation. There are not enough thank you's in the world to provide a well-respected equivalence to the nature of their contribution and their continued efforts for freedom and liberty here and amongst the world.

It's also with a heavy heart that I mention that a fellow high school graduate of mine, LCpl Anthony Dilisio passed away this week in Afghanistan. While I didn't know Twanz that well personally and I only met him a couple times, I had heard plenty of stories from mutual friends and knew of the fine service that he was doing for this country as a committed marine. This loss tears a big hole in the hearts of all of us in this community and none so as large as the one for his family and friends. He died fighting fighting for freedom, liberty, and as a marine he died in honor. Clearly God needed this warrior home at his side a lot sooner than we had expected. Semper Fi. You will always be remembered.

I pray for the family and loved ones during this hard time. I pray God comforts you and helps you find that he is in a better place. I also thank you because as he served in Afghanistan you also served here back home.

Right now thousands of young men and women are deployed all around the world. As with the thousands deployed come countless loved ones awaiting anxiously for their return. It's at this time that I urge you to visit the following links and do your part to help these soldiers and their families.

If you see a servicemen or a veteran do your part and say thank you. They have done more for you than will you ever understand.

Until next time...

Peace & Love

God Bless The Troops

& Thank You


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