Friday, May 28, 2010

Facebook Privacy Rant

I need to take a minute out of my day and rant about all these annoying privacy groups whining about Facebook not being "private" enough.

I have a Facebook profile. I've had one for a few years now. Sure the several changes to the profile layout were a little annoying at first but that comes with the territory of any site. It's free. Don't like it? Leave the site.

I've always made sure that the privacy settings on my profile were to the max. It's not that difficult to do. You go into your privacy settings and you select what you want displayed and what you want hidden. If you were to search my name on Facebook you wouldn't be able to find my profile unless we had mutual friends and even then the only way you could link to my profile was via a comment I left on that mutual friend's page. Yet on a daily basis I type Facebook into google and see a top news story about people having conniption fits over Facebook's privacy settings. None of these groups have any intellectual ground to stand on literally and figuratively. As this following comment points out, we need a safety net for the stupid. You know the people that look at containers of OJ and concentrate because it "told them to..."

You guys defending Facebook think all people are like you --that is, making well informed decisions about your privacy settings on the internet. You guys also go to the extent of saying "well if you're too lazy to be vigilant and seek out information about what the effect on your privacy is, then it's your fault if Facebook exposes far more than you thought it would. - Reader Comment in support of Facebook regulation.
Are you kidding me? Like does this dude/chick honestly believe half of the crap that they're saying? Using this logic we are supposed to accept that because there are stupid incompetent people sharing our oxygen we need to punish a privately owned business for not making their privacy settings idiot-proof? Yes if "you are too lazy to be vigilant and seek out information about what the effect on your privacy is" before you subscribe for such a service; YOU ARE AT FAULT. Just like if you don't read the instructions on how to run a piece of machinery and the machinery breaks apart or ends up killing people; YOU ARE AT FAULT. What? It's Facebook's fault that you don't feel like reading? Give me a friggin' break...Mr. Kit Kat bar.

Yeah the dumb are amongst us. Eventually they'll learn or they'll take themselves out of the gene pool. Either way natural selection has a way of ensuring that life on Earth will go on...with or without the stupid.

Facebook is a free social networking site. On a social networking site people are going to see other people's profiles and information. THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED A FRIGGIN' SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE. S-O-C-I-A-L N-E-T-W-O-R-K-I-N-G. Sound it out...

How do you run a social networking site if nobody can find out any information about the person they're talking to? Oh golly you're details sure look awesome. You're a female and you clearly enjoy converting oxygen to C02. I love your generic default facebook silhouette profile pic. That white background really brings out the blueness of your eyes...and err...body.

My advice for the people whining about privacy on Facebook. Either clean up your profile and get rid of the wall comments from the sluts that you're probably cheating on your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend with OR get off Facebook. However on second thought that might be too much work for you to accomplish in a day. After all why solve your own problem and take responsibility when you can just bitch about it instead? Talk is cheap baby!!

Until next time...

Peace & Love


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