Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bieber Fans Plot To Kill Kim Kardashian


Move over crime syndicates around this great country. There is a new class of BAMFs hitting the streets yo. It's called the Bieber mafia.

Bieber fans are going ape shit over Kim Kardashian apparently making a twitter comment that she's dating Justin Bieber. Thousands of whiny little 12 year old girls got on their mom's computer and did what most 12 year olds do in their spare time.

Send death threats to Kim Kardashian.

Now as absolutely hilarious it would be to hear about some 12 year old girl attempting to murder a useless reality tv star with a pair of little kid safety-scizzors...nah there is nothing that would be funnier than that.

Really?? REALLY??? I picture thousands of bicycles and big wheels coming over the hill theatrically like Braveheart or something. You can never take our Bieber!!! Some kid riding on the pegs of a bike with a homemade potato cannon. Yeah they mean business.

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