Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Wii Controller Did Not Kill Your Kid...Your Stupidity Did

I was watching the 5 o'clock news today and they showed a blip of a story about this case where a toddler mistook a real pistol for a Wii gadget. The news report is not focusing at all on where or what the parents were doing at this point of time when this poor angel shot herself, but whether Nintendo should be held responsible for the fact that their controller "gun" looks so realistic...

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My first thought was that this was going to just be the typical gun-control "we need to ban something" soapbox, since our local media, wouldn't be above doing that.

Then I read some of the news articles floating around the internet about this same story and realized that I was right, just on too small a scale. Every article renders itself around this one central quote from the local sheriff , for whom it's safe to assume arrived on the scene in a horse-driven buggy, as he opens his mouth and disconnects his brain.

"The unfortunate thing is that this Nintendo game called Wii had what looks like a solid black, basically automatic-looking type mechanism that operates the game..."
- Sheriff Terry Ashe (As I like to refer to as Ashole)
First off Ashole. A Wii is not a Nintendo game. It is a video game system. It's been out for a few years now and its pretty damn popular but considering the logic you used in this very quote...I'd assume that you wouldn't know that...or very much else about anything.

Secondly and most importantly...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING??!!!

The unfortunate thing is that the Wii markets a video game gadget that resembles a gun for a shooting game?! Two idiot parents leave a loaded weapon without its safety engaged in the same room as their 3 year old daughter and the UNFORTUNATE FUCKING THING TO YOU IS THAT NINTENDO MARKETS SHOOTING GAMES???!!! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO AN ARCADE!!!!! IT'S NOT LIKE GUN ATTACHMENTS TO VIDEO GAMES IS A NEW THING!!!!??? WERE YOU BORN IN A TOMB!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHAT IS UNFORTUNATE TO YOU???!!!

Hold on...



Okay now that I got that out of my system...

The only unfortunate thing out of this case is that this poor child will never grow up to be cool. She will never get to be somebody's little girl or be a productive member of society. This little girl will never get to change the world. Which makes it highly unfortunate that she had such fucking deadheads for parents who couldn't remember to be responsible for their kids...

I can only hope that despite the idiocy in leadership of their local law enforcement these parents will be held accountable for their actions. Instead of blaming a capitalist company for marketing video games, and blaming weapons companies for making weapons that work, let's put the blame on the negligent airhead parents who were fucking dumb enough to do something like this.

Until next time,


Joe K.

PS. Sheriff, they said the same thing about electricity.

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