Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SHE'S ALIVE...no she's dead...NOOOOO DAMNIT!!!

So apparently somewhere in crazy old Britain a woman died not once...not twice...not three times a woman. She died 114 times.

You heard me correctly...

You can read about it here.

The woman apparently fell victim to "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" which I guess is like SIDS for the walking population. Doctors spent 30 hours reviving this woman by shocking her with a defibrillator. Ann Mintram, now who I'm assuming has more in common with a piece of charcoal than a human figure is apparently now in stable condition. Good for her. Bad that she probably smells like toast.

Its crazy to me that after 30 hours whether fate had really determined that this woman should stay alive. It's almost as if like God after 30 hours was like okay you know what I've got better shit to do. You want this bitch you keep her ME DAMNIT!!!

Move over John McClane...Move over Energizer Bunny...Move over Twinkies...

Heheh God bless this woman. Cool story.

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