Thursday, April 8, 2010

On Holiday

Joe is taking a break from work. It wasn't a planned break but it just so happens that the day that I needed to take off for next week and the Friday that I apparently got off due to scheduling this week coincide each other. Which means this man does not have to step foot in a pharmacy until next week Wednesday. Yeah baby...

So in celebration of this bestowed blessing upon thy selfiness I thought today would just be a good time to do a quick rapid fire review of the news headlines today.

  • Kate Gosselin is getting a new show on TLC. The power lesbians will watch it and it'll last half a season. I think it's called Kate Rapes Your Senses.
  • Kate Gosselin also was rumored of considering Playboy. This rumor came from Gosselin as Hugh had no apparent idea or interest in this even happening. Apparently there isn't enough ED to go around...let's put her in a centerfold.
  • Tiger teed off at the Masters today. We will see if 18 holes is enough for him this time around.
  • Doctor's now say that there is a proven scientific explanation for a broken heart. How do you mend a broken heart? Vodka...lots and lots of vodka.
  • It is cold today in Metro Detroit.
  • My cholesterol is down.
  • Jimmy Hoffa is still missing.
  • Whitney Houston is still the queen of the crack...I mean night.
On that note I'm going to take this first day off and be completely productive converting oxygen into carbon dioxide and watching the inside of eyelids.

Until next time,

Peace & Love

Joe K.

PS. TLC can go to hell.

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