Thursday, April 8, 2010

Corporate Duhhhhhh Moment Pt. Infinity

So about a week or so ago (or maybe it was two weeks ago I don't really remember) Cardinal Health switched from its Findlay location to Aurora, Illinois. So when we received our order into the pharmacy that Monday, the state of organization that this shipment came in could only be described as absolutely clusterfuckrific...

OTC items mixed with shelving items. Stickers that didn't match medications, Michael Jackson's nose, the Holy Grail, your girlfriend's v-card, yada yada. Due to the lack of OTC item stickers, I did what any reasonable employee would do and did a price check to see what items the register recognized and go from there. The item was Ferrous Sulfate (Iron Supplement) and the register came up with $2.49. So that is what I marked down on the price tag.

Fast forward to today and my boss takes out my sticker and asks me sternly...

HER: "Is this your handwriting?"

ME: "Umm yeah?"


ME: "That is what the register came up with for a price..."

HER: "You shouldn't trust the register. The accounting people that set the prices don't get numbers right..."

ME: "Oh."

Silly me thinking that the price check feature on the register that would scan an items bar code would actually scan with the most accurate price. Also silly me for thinking that people that went to college to crunch numbers and analyze sales would actually be able to crunch numbers and analyze sales!

The accounting people that set prices don't get the numbers right? Oh umm did we get these folks from Enron? I'm so happy that the people that are setting the prices and checking the books for our company are so way over the heads in their field. The only thing that could make me cream in my jeans more about this was if these people were the ones in charge of setting my wage...oh yeah they are.

I just came...

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