Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Not On A Boat...Yet

Okay it feels totally weird adding something to this blog when there is sunlight peering through my bedroom windows. Usually this is like a 3am thing to do but oh well.

Apparently Whitney Houston has been hospitalized in Paris. They are treating for a "runny nose, sore throat, and an infection whose cause has not yet been identified." Here in America we tend to call that infection cocaine addiction but hey tomato tomahto.

On another note is it weird that I don't watch American Idol? I have never watched a single episode of that stupid show during its like I don't know how many century run and from the blips I've seen don't plan to any time soon. I mean come on what is there really to be all gaga about after all these years? Simon Cowell insulting another person who can't sing. Ohhhhh so funny!!! Nah...not really.

On that note I don't get why people get all gaga over Lady Gaga. Sure she's different and her songs are kinda catchy and fun but really folks there are better artists out there. Especially ones that don't use ahem...cough...autotune...cough.

Shawwwwty...but I digress.

I'm sleepy. I'm going to bed. I shall be off and running to the funny pharm in a short couples hours. There are crackheads to supply and maybe an actual real patient or two.

Until next time...


Joe K.

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