Friday, April 16, 2010

Ohh Quit Poking Me Osama!!

Looks like the most wanted dead or alive man in the world has gone Facebook. According to the always reliable Fox News Network, Osama, or somebody posing as him, started up a Facebook profile. The social page which was linked to from thousands of extremist loonies and apparently was chocked full of Taliban videos, recruitment a la Jihad, and other types of videos. Regardless of whether it was authentic or just some loser trying to be funny Facebook took the page down in record time.

Although short lived I'd like to take a few moments and imagine the fun scenarios that could've unraveled accepting a friend request from Uncle Osama.

  • Poking Chuck Norris: Personally it would be awesome if Osama poked Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris does not poke. He round house kicks. The font size also increases by the mere typing of his name if you haven't noticed.
  • Farmville Requests: Help out Osama's Farm!!!! Okay!!! Wait a minute...1 request for a nuclear warhead... anthrax...and he needs yellow-cake uranium??! That's a hell of a harvester he must be building!
  • Crazy Facebook Pics: I picture maybe some emo crazy angle shirtless mirror pics. Lots of comments about their crazy cave parties. "Dude Achmed, you were so fuccchked up last night." "I know akhoya, clazy clazy sheeit. Roma almost took off her Burka!! LOLZ"
  • Status Updates: Hmm...I wouldn't get on a plane if I were you today...LOLZ *five minutes ago*
Oh them crazy islamofascists...they just know how to live.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,
Joe K.

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