Saturday, April 17, 2010

Once I Had A Stalker

My friends found this the funniest shit ever but to me it definitely placed high on the creep out meter. Yesterday around noon I recieved a call that I didn't answer because I was busy at the funny pharm. This call turned into another call, and then some texts, and then a couple more calls, and then a few more texts, and then like a hundred more sequences of the latter. I'm not exagerrating.

As I left work I went to check my phone as I was already alarmed by the frequency of the ringing. Instantly I'm thinking who got into an accident? Who's dead? What the hell happened? I check my voicemail and am greeted with this messsage...

"Baby I love you and I miss you and I need to you to come see me as soon as you can. Baby I miss your arms..."

This nut rambled on for three minutes straight. I couldn't even get a chance to listen to the other messages because my phone started ringing again. I texted back to tell this guy that he clearly had the wrong number but either he didn't have the wrong number and is some psycopath who is apparently "really in love with me" or he's got some headproblems to not care. The frequency of these texts which were all basically the same CALL ME BACK I LOVE YOU with a few graphic sexts mixed in the bunch was so fucking insane that I had to turn my phone off. I could probably set my watch to him calling on the minute. At first I thought maybe it was some jackass I know trying to be funny. So I went to bed and woke up the next morning only to be horrified.

I had cleared the messages off my phone and cleared out the voicemail the night before just to see if there was anything that would happen overnight. I got my answer.

I was shocked to see that this asshole had texted me 57 times over the course of the night and left me 4 voicemails. One of them using my full name. It scared the living shit out of me. I contacted the police department and they told me that there wasn't anything they could do about it at the moment because it was under a "private call". They suggested I contact my phone company first. As I began to dial to contact Tmobile my phone again started ringing with an incoming call from you know who. I answered and instantly yelled at the guy to stop. He didn't.

Luckily for me Tmobile was able to trace and block the number. If he's still trying to call he's not going to have much luck. Hopefully this is the end of this whole situation and it won't escalate into something more.

Until next time DON'T CREEP!!!

Peace and love,

Joe K.

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