Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Most Miserable Week Ever

Someday I'll be Saturday night...

But apparently not today. It wasn't Monday either. I'm expecting that by tomorrow I will be a pile of ash from possibly bursting to flames. I know everybody has these kind of weeks or points in their lives where nothing ever seems to go right. You get nothing but bad news and of course the bad news isn't content being alone so like ten other shitty things have to happen immediately after.

When it rains it pours. Clearly, I live in a rainforest. I'm almost amused by the fact that Blogger thinks rainforest isn't a word. Whatever...

My car reached 30,000 miles last week. 30,000 miles means time for new breaks. 30,000 miles in April 2010 also means that I need to keep it under 32,000 before January 2011. 30,000 miles also means my piece of shit tires that were shot at 18,000 miles are probably on the verge of exploding.

I went with my Dad to the Troy Motor Mall early this week to talk to our car guy about possibly opting out of my lease since I'm near my mileage limit. He told us that GMAC would give us $99 bucks towards our next purchase if we turned it in now. Keep in mind we paid 8 grand up front and there is still time before the lease is up. They also told me that my vehicle, a 2008 Impala LT, would be 14,500 to purchase at the end of my lease. Keep in mind the vehicle will be 3 years old and we would have already put 8 grand plus a new set of tires and new breaks on this piece of shit. A 2006 used Impala is being sold the lot at that same dealership for $8500. I don't understand where the $99 dollar figure came from. I imagine if I had a few drinks I might begin to understand it...might not. So I've just decided that GMAC and GM, for that matter, can kiss my 20 year old ass.

My car will become a piece of landscaping for the house as it will not leave the driveway unless its for special occasions. Joe cannot afford to pay twenty-five cents a mile if go over my mileage if I'm planning on buying "Pala". She's become a very expensive bitch. I've come to the conclusion that this car might as well be my wife. She annoys me even when I'm not around her, she costs me a small fortune, and she's not layable. Yeah I know it's not a real word BUT I DON'T CARE!! IT'S MY BLOG!!

Then there was my bank. A while back my bank signed me up for a monthly credit check service that I didn't authorize. Never did it. They said they got me on tape agreeing. I said that they're full of it. When I called I was greeted with a 25 minute argument with a hick about how I "must be new to this country since there isn't any record of credit". It couldn't of been that I was 18 years old and didn't have a credit card through Bank of America. No clearly I'm not an American citizen. So finally Billy Bob canceled me from this stupid ass program and I went on my way until recently.

I get my bank statement in the mail and on it there is a charge for a monthly credit check. Something like $8 bucks. Needless to say I spent the entire day again fighting the Confederates about this screw up.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. It will be my first day back to the funny pharm in a week and I'm sure that there will be something of high entertainment value to either humor me or initiate spontaneous combustion.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,

Joe K.

PS. Who won the Civil War again? : )

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