Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are You Guilty That You Have A Job?

Today after a long and busy and completely fun day of eating, mall bumming, and volleyball, I came home to discover that I needed to make a run to Kroger. As I'm checking out in the U-Scan I hear this idiot talking to some guy voicing her disgust of people in Macomb Township living in "big ass houses". Now I would have just let it go and simply took my orange juice and walked out, but since she felt the need to subject half of Kroger to her stupid opinion, I thought I'd add mine.

Bimbo: I don't get how these people out here in this township live with themselves in these big ass houses?
Me: Very comfortably thanks.
Bimbo: I wasn't talking to you.
Me: No you were talking about me but it's okay. I'll just go drive home to drive home to big ass house and be warm and cozy.
Bimbo: *Death Glare*

I never understood the mindset of people that just seem to hate other people for having something more expensive or better than they do. Pretty sure that a mother or father who works a 9-5 or longer job, in this economy, is living with themselves pretty damn well if they can afford to hold on, even barely, to a modest house for their family. Fruits for labor folks. That is nothing to be ashamed of. I don't care what the naysayers say. Fuck them. People came to this country from afar for the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones. When did we drift from being the land of opportunity to being the land of entitlement?

It is still comforting in this "gimme gimme everything for nothing" age of America that people working hard can still be rewarded with the American dream. Sadly, thanks in part to the stupidity in Lansing as well as the incompetence in leadership of our American auto industry; that very dream has faded. Its going to take some real leadership to get us out of the mess that we are in.

We cannot afford another Granholm in this state. We cannot afford the taxation. We cannot afford the subsidization of unprofitable markets. We cannot afford the out of control spending. How is it that the people of this state are told that we have to make sacrifices when our state government doesn't have to? State employees are going to get another raise? Really? I didn't get a raise. I'm pretty sure everyone still working in the private market down the street from me didn't either. Hell, I'm pretty sure a lot of us took it in the butt with pay cuts. However we're supposed to make sacrifices because the workers at the Secretary of State offices need to get their pay raises for having the burden of getting away with shoddy service and shitstain attitudes.

I told myself a couple months ago that I'm going to spend whatever the hell I want on whatever the hell I want to get. I'm not going to listen to Obama or Granholm or members of Congress tell me how I shouldn't be going to the casino or that I should be cutting back on my expenses when they're spending us into the next millennium.

Well Joe, Bush was spending billions of dollars funding a never-ending war in Iraq.

Yeah you''re absolutely right. So instead of stopping the problem let's take the spending of the Bush administration and amplify it. That makes perfect sense! Lets make the wrong wronger. That'll solve everything.

I have come to the conclusion that the Democrats in this country and the Republicans in this country exist purely as extreme examples of how clueless an individual can be. A Democrat stands up and says that he has a really bad idea and a Republican stands up and asks how the GOP can help to make it shittier. I say lets throw all of these people out of power.

So from the comforts of my "big ass" house, I'll be sleeping warm and comfortably tonight knowing that my family worked hard and honestly for this nice dwelling. I'll take comfort in knowing that while there are people in this world who just want to bitch and take; I'm not one of them. Thank God for that.

Until next time...

Peace and love,

Joe K.

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