Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stomach Bug Part 60000000

The Weather Channel is like the greatest channel ever. It's almost like I can predict when I'm going to get my Local On The 8's. So freaking awesome...

Yesterday was fun. I went with some friends to Somerset which is always a good time. Haven't been there in so long and it was fun to walk around and act like we could actually afford half of the stuff that they sell there. Really who is going to pay $565 for a belt? A BELT!!

I really hate that Staples "WOW THAT'S A LOW PRICE" commercial. I've never once been in Staples and seen something that was really that low of a price. However the Filet O Fish commercial = greatness. Totally random but it had to be said.

Getting back to my story I wasn't feeling that hot that morning to begin with and when I got home my worst fears were confirmed = The stomach bug. So needless to say I'm in bed eating soup watching the weather channel. But at least I don't have school. Heheheheh yeah sucks for those people that do.

: )

Peace & Love,

Joe K.

Except for the stomach virus.
You can die a painful painful death.

Really no joke.

Also to my toilet...I'm so sorry.

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