Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Offending the Offendable...One Key At A Time

I've preached over and over again about people being accountable for their own actions. From the guy that's sweeping the floors at a store hours after closing time to the folks on Capital Hill; it is all the same. People want to be involved and be out there but nobody wants to take the blame when they screw up. We point our fingers at everything and everyone around us.

A woman drinks too much gets into a minivan and kills some innocent high school kids driving home from a restaurant. Her stupidity wipes out the futures of four people and the hopes & dreams of their loved ones and friends. Yet some people say that we shouldn't blame her. They blame it on the alcohol or that she has insecurity problems. After all she has had such a hard day/week/month/life that she isn't capable of making rational decisions...

Yet she was well enough capable to go to a bar and get drunk and well enough cognitive to the fact that she was completely drunk. She made the decision to drive.

Things happen in life that we don't want to happen but people have to deal with it. The trouble with society today is that people coddle each other to the point that everybody feels like they're above everything. Oh the law doesn't apply to me, the rules don't apply to me, these standards don't mean shit to me because I'm ME. Parent's don't want to raise a hand or say no to their kids because they're afraid that they'll be considered abusive or negligent which results in children with no sense of responsibility. They grow up with the mentality that they can get whatever they want, anyway they want it, any time they think they should have it. They eventually have somebody put them in their place and instead of dealing with it like a normal person, they fly off the handle, shoot up an office, develop a drug or alcohol habit, or commit suicide.

Somebody is massively overweight. The airline makes them buy two seats. The passenger gets all butt hurt and makes a scene disturbing the other passengers on board. The media takes the story and makes it look like the fatass is this victim of discrimination but nobody takes into account the method to the airline's madness. They're trying to make things as comfortable as possible for their passengers, trying to ensure the safety of their passengers, and do you honestly want to be the person who is stuck sitting between two morbidly obese people? Yeah see how compassionate you are after a nine hour flight in that position...

I'm not trying to be mean to the obese, but when we are substituting reality with political correctness, things start getting fucked up very quickly.

Believe it or not the PMRC-types are coming back into fashion too. Remember back in the 1980's the angry Tipper Gore women who wanted to tell musicians what they could and couldn't play and songwriters what they could and couldn't write. Yeah they're still around. The problem here is that these virgin-eared purists (whom it'd be funny to think are all probably really kinky in bed) have major administrative agencies representing their bullshit special interest groups.

Case in point: The FCC.

Ever since the "star tit" incident at the Super Bowl a few years back the FCC has been ensuring hundreds of overprotective helicopter parents all around the country that their little pookie bears won't ever have to see or hear something indecent on network television again. They've created a basic "cuss jar" for the major stations. The FCC is basically saying, "If you big bad meanie man people say a word other than poopy you have to pay me a million dollars because I don't want to hear a word worse than poopy. Poopy is a bad, bad, bad word."

I'm not saying that there should be a complete deregulation here. I understand that there are some things that shouldn't be shown on television for example at certain times of day or in the case of that Lamisil toe fungus commercial...ummm...EVER. But we need to wake the FUCK up people. Yeah I said FUCK for a reason. If you are someone over the age of 15 that gets "offended" by hearing someone use the F word on occasion, you need to get laid like now.

If you don't want to hear something don't listen to it. If you don't like a band don't listen to them. If you don't want to see something on TV leave the room. If you don't want to read something don't read it...but who am I kidding they probably can't read anyway.

My point is this...

Don't get all up on telling other people how to live their lives or what they should watch or listen to. Remember the old adage. When you point your finger at somebody else there are three pointing back at you and a thumb.

So let's be responsible for ourselves. Let's admit it when we fuck up instead of blaming inanimate objects or innocent people. Let's not be afraid to call an asshole an asshole. Let's not let uptight people lasso our lives and suck the life out of us because they're unhappy or power hungry. The only person living your life is you so live it long and live it how you want to. If live your life peacefully and honestly tell the people who have a problem with that to play in traffic. You'll be happier at the end of the day and so will the rest of us normal people. In fact if we see it we'll probably laugh and buy you a beer or six and buy you a cab.

So until next time,

Peace & Love,

Joe K.

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