Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laid Back Living

It was a beautiful Wednesday. Things went perfectly in class this morning. I got my notes down and got caught up with everything that I needed to catch up on in my studies. I came home slept for a couple hours and got to dress very casually in jeans for work today thanks to the March of Dimes organization. Things went off without a hitch at the pharmacy. Less problems than I have ever experienced in three years of counting by 5's and 10's. Hell I even got a free sammich. : ) Went out to my car to enjoy this beautiful spring weather we've been having rolled the windows down and eased the seat back. Not a care in the world...none.

I get home and grabbed the leftover Ping-On Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken I had in the fridge and mixed some of the pineapple chicken that was made by my madre earlier today in with it. Great dinner accompanied by an amazing victory for the Wings.

My last two days have been like this. Very peaceful. Very relaxed. Very at ease. It seemed as if for now the world had fallen off of this man's shoulders. The news was turned off. Paid no attention to the falling economy or the looming socialization of America. For the last two days I've said fuck it to the world folks. It's like I've taken my own little mental vacation. I'm not telling you this merely to brag I'm just point out that it's amazing how much better you feel as a person when you can walk into work and class with a "post-hypnosis Office Space attitude."

I love being the laid back and chill guy that everybody knows who doesn't really give a shit about the little things in life. It just seems that over the last couple years I've ended up becoming more high-strung because of people in my life forcing me to be that way. I'm glad that I'm, for the most part, reverting to my old mellow sunny-disposition. : )

The key to living a happy stress free life is to not let other people stress you out. Believe me we all know those people that seem to live to piss you off. The kind of people that you wonder how they even can stand themselves. The people that some how annoy you even though it's not really their fault that they're so annoying and the people who when you see black will fight with you to the death that it's actually white you're seeing. The latter is the dilemma I face with my boss on a regular basis.

It dawned on me today too why I'm always fighting with my boss. My boss is the typical alpha-female management type, which works for her. I'm not in a position to criticize it. She's a very effective pharmacist and she's a great person. That being said we do not see eye to eye on anything and things get very tense very quickly.

She takes the job very very very seriously and I'm not saying that I don't its just I don't worry about the unessential details. She is very objective driven while I like to take things as they happen and deal with them attentively. She lives and breathes the job while my cares are left behind when I punch out. I believe that what you put up with on the job and what the book says you put up with on the job are two completely different things and at the end of the day I do believe that the ends often justify the means. You can't always build a bridge and there are people that at the end of the day just plain suck. This is reality. I tend to be more pragmatic on the job than gullible. You can see how I'm a nightmare to management and how we fight like cats & dogs.

Oil & Water. Call me the black sheep. It works for me.

Sure working in a pharmacy requires that you have eyes everywhere and you're paying attention to the details. I'm not saying that I'm not, its just when it comes to what direction the advertisement sheet is facing when its stapled to the prescription bag, I'm not losing my shit worrying about it. When somebody gets pissed off at me at the counter, I'm not bending over backwards to make them happy when I know its not going to do anything anyways. Working with the public proves that the customer 99.9% of the time is wrong. This is just the way things are and everybody in your company that you work for will understand this except the people directly above you. So why stress yourself into an early grave about it? It's not going to change so do as I do and just handle it. The faster you say fuck it to a situation the better off you'll be.

If people would learn to take a deep breath and just let things go this world would be a much better place.

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things. Life is not meant to be complicated 24/7. I absolutely loathe those people that always say shit like, "Oh well if you take the path of least resistance you won't get the experience of hard work." Bullshit. These are the people that die in their 30s and 40s of heart attacks. If there is an easier way to do something that's just as efficient to accomplishing your goal as the hard way, fucking do it. Who cares? You got there. You did it. If its an honest deed and an honest living, again, the ends will always justify the means. You will be fine. Just take your time and breathe.

So just remember stupid people will live on forever. As I've hypothesized before they're indestructible. You are not. So the next time someone is criticizing you for not doing something the way they wanted you to do it remember, if you have pride in what you do that's all that matters. You are the person that has to look in the mirror at yourself in the morning. When you can do that comfortably its amazing the things you can accomplish in your life without stressing yourself into the hospital or a six foot hole.

So have a cold one and kick back. Life is much better when you actually take a deep breath and realize how perfect a moment in your life can really be if you just let it happen.

So until next time...

Peace & Love,

Joe K.

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