Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quick On The Fly Post...Like Flying Puppies

So the little Bosnian bitch that was filming herself throwing puppies into a flowing river apparently will not be charged with any misconduct DUE TO HER AGE. Apparently in Bosnia, if you are 12 years of age and younger it’s impossible for you to be charged with anything or commit a crime in the eyes of their justice system. Therefore, I believe it is personally justifiable to allow Late Term-Abortion (up to the age of 12) in that backwards country. Hey they’re only 12. It’s not like they’re real people or anything. Psshhh…

People are outraged by the Bosnian authorities decision and by people I mean PETA. Most Americans at this point in time are absolutely distracted and paranoid about what their tax rates are going to be in January or burying themselves in the corner of the closest pub until Christ returns.

Nonetheless--PETA is pissed. Right now as I type, I imagine somewhere in some dark basement of a Chuck E Cheese (next to a room full of Drug Company Executives) PETA is probably assembling a crack team of assassins to track down this bimbo and smite her with an acidic brew of Vinaigrette and flying tofu stars.

Okay maybe that’s a little crazy of an accusation. They’re probably going to drown her in red paint.

In other news Michael Vick compliments this girl on her spiral…

Until next time which I promise will be very soon!

Peace & Love


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