Monday, September 20, 2010

Voting Advice

It’s important to ask ourselves, before we cast our votes this election, exactly why we’re voting the way that we are. They say that “this election will be the most important election of our lives” every election cycle. I don’t know if this election really is the most important election of my life but I certainly can see how dire the circumstances have become in this country. I certainly can see that if we don’t make fundamental changes to the Washington roster we’re doomed.

This being said Michiganders don’t have very much to look forward to. We had our chance in the primary to really select somebody who could make a major difference in Lansing and we didn’t. Instead, we selected a rich businessman who simply kept a low profile and saturated the TV networks with ads that all rallied around the point that he’s really rich and really nerdy. On the other hand we selected a Lansing insider who has good looking credentials but has warmed himself up so well with union rhetoric that you’d have to be an idiot not to see who’d be pulling the strings of his tenure in office if elected.


Do yourself a favor and this is important.

If you do not know why you should vote for a candidate and don’t feel comfortable with them; don’t vote for them. Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying that you have to fill in every part of the ballot. It is important that these candidates do not get any more support than the support that they earn and deserve. These people are not above us--they are chosen by us. They are not entitled to that position--they are appointed via election to that position. They do not control us--they represent us. They’re public servants. They are supposed to “serve the public.”

Why vote? Well I could regurgitate all the talking-points you heard from history teachers and civics teachers in high school. I can preach from the mountaintops the importance of voting in preserving our “constitutional republic” (it is still a republic NOT a democracy) and it’s fundamental values. However, this state election I really don‘t want to. In fact, I really can‘t. Those bright opportunities for ending the corruption on a national level do not exist for this state. What applies at the federal level in November doesn’t apply for Michigan.

All I can say, for the sake of this nation, is to know who you are voting for and the reasons why. Don’t let these candidates tout the typical Republican vs. Democrat criticisms and get away with them. Ask these candidates:

1.) Why should I vote for you?

2.) What are you going to do to better this state/country?

I will not cast a vote in favor of any candidate for governor of MI. I have no reason to. Neither Rick Snyder or Virg Bernero have given me any reason to vote for them. I will not go to either of their websites to read their plans because, quite frankly, I shouldn’t have to. If you can’t explain your OWN position on issues to me without telling me to consult another source first; you sir/ma’am, as Karl Rove said, are UNELECTABLE. I will not vote for Jack Brandenburg because he tells me that he’s got “30 plus years of experience.” I would like to know what he’s done for the state of MI in these 30 years. Actually I’m pretty sure you could list the accomplishments of his tenure as a Representative, the Levins, and the other dinosaurs of the MI political scene on the head of a pin. I will not vote for a County Executive that has a ran a campaign of mocking and attacking his opponent for actually proposing ideas while he hasn’t proposed anything in the contrary.

Obama had one thing right. It is time for a change. It’s time for these politicians to explain to us why they should keep THEIR jobs when we’re all losing ours. It’s time for the American people to hold their elected officials accountable for THEIR screw-ups and THEIR problems.

Until next time

Peace & Love,


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