Sunday, September 19, 2010

Elect Your Future 2010

With primary season winding down in the great old land of sea to shining sea it has struck me that Washington is not only absolutely clueless but they’re also diabolically insane. Both the Democrats and the Republicans (those who make up the “establishment“) have proved that they not only have a complete disinterest in the concerns and opinions of the everyday Americans but also a complete disdain for anyone outside of their political circles.

Now this isn‘t a new development for Washington. If you‘ve been paying attention you‘ve seen just as many factors as I have that back up that accusation. I seen it when the Tea Party began and every media elitist outlet, political machine, and pundit attacked them as being “nut jobs” and “revolutionaries” and “tea baggers” without a grain of probable cause. I seen it when Nancy Pelosi said that the public dissent against Congress & the White House’s progressivism was simply “Astroturf”. I seen it when Senator Barbara Boxer ignorantly chewed out a Brigadier General for not addressing her as “Senator” when he was simply following military etiquette. So why was I surprised when Mike Castle threw the hissy-fit heard around the world after losing pretty epically to Christine O’Donnell?

Oh wait that’s right! I wasn’t…

What did surprise me however was when every other Republican has-been came to the defense and aid of Castle. Most notably, Karl Rove attacked her for not being able to “afford to get her diploma” and for “having a home in foreclosure“. Now I don’t claim to be the smartest man in the world. I’m not an economist by any stretch of the imagination but I’m pretty sure that when the economy is in the dump like it is currently; you may want to refrain from attacking people for going into foreclosures. It's not the best way to win votes.

Now I don’t care about the fact that this woman is a social conservative. I don’t care that she supposedly thinks that masturbation is evil. I don’t care if she has personal spending problem or financial investment problems or hemorrhoids and I also really don’t care what her former aide thinks. The point is the people of Delaware nominated her to be their candidate via the primary process. Mike Castle had one duty and one duty only: concede and thank his supporters. Instead, he whined and complained and basically took a piss on his supporters' feet.

And it’s not just him.

By far my favorite example of political entitlement, so nepotistic it screams “Kennedy” orgasmically, is the case of Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Her father, Frank Murkowski, appointed her in 2002 to fill the seat he originally held. This woman again lost the primary to Republican opponent Joe Miller and has decided that she will stay in the race as a “write-in” candidate. Again screw the will of your constituency. Screw the principle. It’s all about getting re-elected. Hell, who cares anymore? You lose a primary you can simply change the letter behind your name and run third party or via a write-in campaign.

So let me ask. If this is what our political system has come to--why have primaries? What's the point?

Somebody made the observation that the "Republicans are cannibalizing themselves." I happen to disagree with that statement. They’re too stupid to be a part of something that elaborate. I think my statement is more fitting to this situation.

"The Republicans could fuck up their own wet dream..."

The problem with the Republicans is that they don’t know how to win. They don’t know how to do anything. This election is the closest thing to the metaphorical shop keeper handing over the keys to the store that I have ever seen and the Republicans can’t even forget out what party they are!! One day they’re talking about a new conservative contract with America and the next they’re talking about amnesty for illegal immigrants. One day they’re talking about cutting taxes and getting back to basic trickle down Reaganomics and the next they’re outspending the liberals. The Republican establishment is whining and moaning that they don’t have Mike Castle running in Delaware in the general to ensure a 51st vote. DID ANYBODY REMIND THE REPUBLICANS THAT HE ONLY VOTED WITH THE REPUBLICANS 52% OF THE TIME?! DID KARL ROVE LOOK INTO T HAT STAT?!

All we heard from the GOP was the 51st vote. It’s all about that 51st vote. Hey geniuses, if the deciding vote comes from a Democrat or Republican and they both end up voting the same way does it really matter? That’s like telling somebody they can either take a tack and shove it in their left eye or take a tack and shove it in their other eye! Oh wait that’s what we’ve been doing pretty much every election since Bush & Gore in 2000.

Then we have the Democrats. The mere pronunciation of the word Democrat nowadays instantly initiates a gag reflex. The Democrat Party has basically now become the antithesis of the Clinton administration. Bill Clinton was by far the smoothest and smartest politician in recent times because he knew how to play the public game. The guy would wet his finger and stick it in the air every chance he could and it worked for him. I didn’t agree with the majority of his political viewpoints and policies but I can't deny that the guy is an excellent schmoozer. In fact I'd kill to have the economy and American atmosphere we had under his tenure as Commander & Chief.

Today the Democrat Party excels in ignoring the public. In fact it would not surprise me if the Democrats purposely do the opposite of what most Americans want to be done. Some days I even ponder if they’re all secretly retail managers and it’s all been a big joke since 2006. As nice as that would be, unfortunately, the jokes on all of us. Once again in November, 75% of us (I’m making this statistic up on the spot kind of like Obama does) will have to choose between losers and misfits to take the spots of other losers and other misfits. We all know that the second they take office the rules of the game change yet here we are--blindly re-electing do nothing senators and making political donations to wealthy country club members who haven’t held a real job in 50 years if ever. In Michigan we’ll have the choice between Rick Snyder (The Nerd) and Virg Bernero (The Angry Liberal). How I look forward to this gubernatorial campaign…not. Maybe I’ll avoid eating and pull the lever for Bernero (I’ll probably still puke) or maybe I’ll just skip that part of the ballot. Part of me is saying skip it.

But I digress from my ramblings about Michigan’s idiotic voters. The real point I’m trying to making is simple. While 75% or more of us are still screwed and stuck with morons to choose from on a ballot; 25% or less aren‘t. The 25% or less of you actually have the chance to elect people that can shake up the Washington and make a difference. It doesn’t seem like a whole lot in the grand scheme of things but every little bit counts. The more of these relics that get the boot the better off we are as a country. It’s time to wake up folks before it’s too late.

We cannot let these establishment dinosaurs remain in power. This country was going down the wrong path with the Bush Administration. This country hit the acceleration ramp in 2006 & by January 2009 folks we were already speeding down the Highway to Hell. It’s time to get off it.

Until next time

Peace & Love,


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