Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holy Wafers Jesus!

Somebody once said when love is gone there's always justice when justice is gone there's always force. There's nothing worse, in my honest opinion, than the perversion of justice and law by those who feel the need to force their way of life or their opinions of life down the throats of others whether by violence, fear, or legislation. I'm glad that somebody got it right over in California. There is no room in this country in a modern era for "moral" amending of the Constitution whether in support of a liberal or conservative bent religious dogma. Marriage should be a bond between two people of legal age. It should be left there. It should be equally represented and recognized. That means that heterosexual couples & homosexual couples are entitled to the same perks and benefits behind marriage. That means that civil union is no more recognized and given special benefits than a heterosexual non-married couple. All marriages are equal. Equal means all as one.

Before somebody attacks me about not understanding that religion defines marriage between a man and woman and that it's a sin for people to be gay; hear me out.

It is time that this country remembers that all men are created equal. We are all the same in the eyes of God and we are all his children. When someone perverts that basic message to mean that some are "more in the eyes" of God than others I can tell you right there that man is no true follower of Christ. To these "Christian" groups that tout this message that they falsely attribute to Jesus Christ:

"Hate the sin but the sinner" (It's actually from Ghandi)

This is perversion of faith. Jesus taught us to love one another. There is no room in Christianity for hatred. For all intents and purposes, we are taught not to "hate" Satan but to "rebuke" him and "reject" him. If you know God is in your heart and that regardless of the mistakes you make in your life that he is your light in the dark, there is no need to fear any evil. There is no need for fear. There is no need for hatred. There is no fear. There is no hatred.

So live and let live and fight for the rights of others to live and let live peacefully without fear of persecution and interposition.

Until next time,

Peace & Love


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