Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Election Time Cover-My-Ass-Age

The results are coming in for the 2010 Primary elections that went on here today in the big old mitten. In summary I might as well not voted. I pretty much voted for the guys that didn't win. Right now Rick Snyder is projected to win the nomination for November. This pretty much proves my theory of Michigan Republicans being absolutely retarded (and plenty of Democrats that voted for Snyder as well) The guy didn't show up to a debate, produced no clear plan or reason for people to vote for him, and managed to secure plurality.

This goes to prove if you have a lot of money and can stick yourself in front of enough cameras, bragging about how much money you have--you're a good shoe-in for Michigan governor. That being said I have a message for the George supporters.

Dear Dr. George supporters,



On the Democratic side, Virg Bernero topped the Frankenstein monster which really did put a smile on my face. At this point I think we'd be better off with Bernero than Snyder. The last thing this state needs is another leader looking down his nose at the people of this state. We had enough arrogance and dis-connectivity in the governor's mansion. On a more important note, I don't have enough money to afford a wild acid trip for the next 4 years.

So I'll probably get a more in-depth post up tomorrow. As of right now there are more important things like laughing at how clueless Rick Snyder and drinking to our inevitable destruction if he takes office...

Until next time...if there is one.

Peace & Love,


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