Sunday, July 18, 2010

On Mickey Leave

Go figure I would get hell over my comments I made about Tom George. Look I'm not telling anybody that they shouldn't vote for Tom George (Yes I am) it's just that I feel differently about his political viewpoints than you George supporters do (all four of you).

First off a constitutional convention in Michigan is going accomplish absolutely nothing because it's not the system's fault that the system is screwed up. That's like prosecuting the gun for murder and using the murderer as primary witness. Taking the liberal cop-out to solve an economic disaster which has been caused by ten plus years of liberal anti-business big government policy is only going to add to the devastation in this state. As Hoekstra and many others (Republican & Democrat alike) have said about the passing of a convention proposal; you can expect two years at the minimum of absolute confusion and chaos. It will also cost millions of dollars in non re-obtainable spending that this state can't afford.

And no Dr. George a tax incentive for college students is not government subsidization. The government isn't handing people freebies. It's taking less of the people's earnings in hopes that the people will use their own money to invest in education that eventually would lead to prosperity and development in THIS state. (Note: I said THIS STATE not CHINA)

So before you bombard me with whiny emails about how I am committing "slander", which is completely impossible considering this is written unspoken word--do some research. I never said anything false about Tom George. I merely pointed out that he's a lunatic using his own beliefs. I joke on this blog but I am not an inept clown when it comes to speaking the truth about the well-being of my country and my state.

On that happy note I'm officially on my way to Florida in a matter of hours which means vacation for me. This means that until July 30th I'm checking out of the website.

Until next time,

Peace & Love


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