Friday, June 25, 2010

Serious Post On Seriously Dangerous American Idiots

I’m aware that things have been a little off in the good old state of Michigan the past couple weeks. No, I’m not talking about the deplorable state of our economy or our absolutely good for shit elected officials. I’m thinking that at some point (probably after our earthquake Wednesday) a fissure in the ground opened up and the dumbest creatures imaginable escaped from the depths of the netherworld.

Then I picked up my daily paper and figured out that they just flew in from around the country--the US Social Forum is in town.
Get a load of this...

Now surely I cannot be watching a video of some radical activist encouraging people to walk up to border agents and inform them that they're the KKK…oh wait. Of all the moronic things I have heard this past year; this HANDS-DOWN (regardless of your opinion on the border situation) takes the cake. This surpasses the woman talking about setting up away for drivers to text law enforcement the license plates of drivers who are texting on the road. Hell, this may very well be that same woman or the woman who ate her and harnessed her stupidity.

First off, regardless of whether you support an amnesty bill or not--there really is no debate on whether we have a border problem. Sure we could throwback to our former homeland security director Michael “Clueless” Chertoff who once said, “There is no border problem”, probably right after leading a discussion on how Elvis is really orbiting the Earth in a UFO and how JFK was actually killed by a magic bullet. I’m pretty sure your mainstream liberal and your mainstream conservative are going to agree that we have a general immigration problem in this country and need to improve our border security.

However this community activist (speaking at the US Social Forum) apparently believes that there is no border problem. Clearly the problem lies with our KKK border agents. "There is no place for border patrol. They have no good intentions." Really? You know the irony of that whole theory is that these “evil” border agents operate under the authority of Barack Obama, whom I‘d bet a substantial bit of my yearly earnings, they vocally support. Also the majority of border agents in this country are of Hispanic descent. I can’t speak for Ms. Herrada, but I haven’t see many Hispanic people running around in white sheets preaching about white supremacy…

You know what Ms. Herrada? I'll gladly have lunch with the border patrol. I'd rather refuse to eat lunch with fucking idiots like you and your cronies with your selective social causes. I guess you don't have very much room for gay rights now do you? How about Israel? Nah but I'll get to that later in my post.

For those of you don't know what the US Social Forum is...

Basically the US Social Forum is a group of radical community activists who every year get together to talk about how they can cause problems in the United States and then offer themselves as the solutions. They get together and talk about how their rights were abridged when they had to do things like pay for coffee at the local coffee establishment or actually have to wear a bra. Suddenly everyone who is not attending their social forum is a racist. Other festivities apparently include discriminating against Israelis and gays as well as slanderous statements about law enforcement agents.

Now I know a handful of bloggers that find this woman's comments merely hilarious. I'd love to be gleefully typing out one of my typical tongue-in-cheek posts right now as I sip my chamomile (tasty) tea. However, I can't find anything funny about this woman, or the forum she is speaking at. In fact I'm deeply disturbed.

These people are wrong in the head. There is absolutely no question about that It’s not a matter of ignorance or a matter of difference in a opinion. When you encourage a group of people to confront law-enforcement officials and basically verbally abuse them--you’re not working for any form of social betterment. You’re inciting tension. You’re encouraging confrontation. These people are not about changing the world for the better. They’re whacked revolutionaries and attention deprived self-appoint messiahs on a mission for power. Let’s attack the very people who risk their lives to protect Americans like Ms. Herrada, so she can get behind a microphone and spit venom.

Ughhh...must find drink...MUST FIND DRINK!!!


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