Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tip Line America

It's my last week of official classes for this semester and I am sooooo done already. I can't wait until the end of tomorrow. Suddenly it feels as if it's the last day of class in high school as a senior.

This also means I'll finally get time to regularly update this blog with my thoughts, ideas, observations, jokes, off-beat humor, ramblings, & absolute sexiness. Yeah! YEAH! GET SOME! Okay well maybe not that last part. Probably not that last part like at all...


This week has been tough for everybody and their mother it seems like. I can' t fit on two hands how many people I know that are having rough weeks at work. I know it's been sucking big ones at the funny pharm. The only benefit to the absolute misery I endure at work is enough material to post here. The entertainment value in ranting and raving about the escaped mental patients which make up the majority of my clientele is golden my friends. However I'm also in absolute awe of how the stupid people in this country seem to be getting their hands on the microphone more frequently now.

Today I heard by far the dumbest most stupidest idea for law enforcement that I may have ever heard in my 20 years of living on this planet. The dim bulb ass product came from a woman calling into a local radio show today from White Lake. Before I address this award winning turd of a plan, let me give you all some background information on what it relates to.

Here in Michigan our illustrious leader Jennifer Granholm, signed into a law a piece of legislation, that makes it illegal to text behind the wheel in Michigan. The law states that if a driver is caught texting while the vehicle is in forward motion they can be subject to a $100 fine on initial offense, and a $100 fine multiple by number of offenses for every proceeding violation. Personally I don't really have a problem with the law because people should be frickin' paying attention to the road when they're driving. I do have a problem with the fact that the law targets people who text, but not those who read, eat, watch tv, or play on their laptop while driving. Don't say it doesn't happen folks! If you haven't seen it you aren't somebody who drives all over the place.

I personally like traveling (not driving). The casinos need money and I like casinos. It's just the way things are. You want to see stupidity in a cup behind the wheel--go to the Windsor/Detroit border. I have watched people at the Canadian border pull up the border guard's booth WHILE STILL TEXTING. Not only should they be denied access across the border I think they should get dumped in the lake for being that stupid. Just my opinion.

Getting back to the stupid woman and her stupid idea. This woman proposed that the best possible way to ensure that people will stop texting while driving is to create an anonymous tip line for other drivers on the road to either call or text the license plate of the driver texting so police can write them a ticket.

Yes. To call or text the license plate number of the person texting. There was some irony around here somewhere for me to point out but I think it ate and choked on itself.

This idiot is suggesting creating a grassroots anonymous tip line for people, to instead of paying attention to their own driving, watch other people driving to see if they glance down at a phone. If that isn't bad enough if you don't want to call yourself you CAN TEXT THE PLATE!!!!

"Hey I seen this guy raping this woman the other day!"

"Oh really what did you do about it?"

"I raped this other woman so it would make a bigger scene!"

What is up with all the police state rationality that people have all of a sudden? I didn't realize that Big Brotherism became a popular thing overnight.

During the Bush administration everybody was all up in arms (and rightfully so) about wiretapping and ECHELON and all that other good unconstitutional stuff. Suddenly now in 2010 everybody is okay with cameras going up on every street corner, red tape for miles to see, and the government being everywhere outside your toilet. Did I forget to read a memo somewhere?

Here's an idea folks. If you see somebody texting behind the wheel; get away from them. Drive defensively and let the traffic cops do their jobs. They have no problem giving out tickets. Trust me when the quotas are out the ticket revenue will be streaming in.

Instead of worrying about what your neighbor is doing all the time maybe you should just cut your fucking lawn.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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