Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Posts Coming

Considering that personal freedom in this country is under assault by the federal government daily, expect some intense Libertarian Anti-Socialism/Obama Administration posts to be coming in the next few days. In the spirit of 4/20 a few days ago I feel that the first issue on my queue will be Marijuana Legalization. It'll be a rather big post...I'm thinking probably separate posts because it's an issue that I am very passionate about and I feel people have been very misled about. There are too many people in this country that just assume that things are the way are for justifiable reasons. If there is one example in this country of public Stare Decisis gone horribly wrong, it's the issue of Marijuana. It's not an issue of getting high. It's an issue of personal freedom, privacy, and government oversight that is 80 years out of whack. Stay tuned.

Peace & Love,
Joe K.

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