Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why Am I Doing This?

Today I started a blog. I probably won't have anybody come and read it and it probably will have no effect on the world anyways. So why as a full time college student with a job in hustling and bustling pharmacy and a pretty active and time consuming social life would I want to add another entry to my list of responsibilities?


I can't sleep. I can take medication for it but I don't have the money. I'm sure typing to myself and rattling on about the day well be enough to put myself to sleep...and probably anybody who attempts to read this...

I'm pretty sure most of my friends think I'm crazy. I'm pretty sure I think me is crazy too. I don't know if it was a bump on the head as a child, or a spider bite, or surviving Catholic school from K to 7th, or falling into a vat of nuclear waste (most likely scenario) but I seem to always be able to make people laugh.

To quote a handful of people:

"Whenever I'm having a lousy day I just look at your statuses and laugh and know its not that bad as it could be."

So maybe, just maybe, if I start a blog and expand on the hilarity and mania that is my life maybe I can make more people smile or laugh...or get angry. Hopefully more along the lines of a smile and a laugh or two. If I brighten folks' days with my goofiness and rants; my job here is done. If I can get people to say to themselves, "you know what I've been thinking that for a long time but just never had the guts to say it"; my job here is done. If I can get people to open their minds and lighten up in these hard times than yeah I'm happy.


So now as I stare at the clock and realize that it is almost 4 o'clock in the morning here under the shimmering streetlights of suburban Michigan I wonder what is there to say about tomorrow? What is there to say about anything anymore? Why in the hell did Luda do a duet with Justin Bieber? Seriously what the hell is this????

On that note why is Justin Bieber famous? First off he's like 15 going on 12 and for some reason thinks that he is the greatest thing to happen to the pop culture since MJ debuted the moonwalk during Billie Jean at Motown 25. And then we have the stupid Beyonce comment at the Grammy's. Justin, I'm pretty sure Beyonce wasn't on your mind and even if she was the equipment hasn't started working down there anyway... God, where was Kanye when you needed him?

Look I am not the kind of guy to hate on musical acts. I'm a songwriter myself and really anybody that makes it deserves some form of respect for their craft but come on...Justin Bieber? He got the freaking opening line to the remake of We Are The World which is supposed to be made up of a hand selected group of artists who show promise of longevity. Hey Lionel, umm how did that work for you the last time? Cyndi Lauper? Kim Carnes? Does anybody under the age of 60 even know who Kim Carnes is????? Go ahead look her up I'll wait.

It scares me what a joke the music industry has turned into during my lifetime. Thanks to T-Pain everybody has fallen in love with autotune. Suddenly everybody's riding on a dolphin doing flips and shit...

But hands down the greatest anal wart to the music industry is something so horrifyingly bad that it will make you shudder for years to come. Don't say I didn't warn you. Click if you dare.

That sold 1000 albums. Stevie Wonder tweeted about this yesterday on his Twitter account.

"jdaoghoe ajfoiehaogaoejg" -Stevie Wonder (Posted yesterday 5.11pm)

Okay if you laughed at that joke (I did) than we're going to be friends. If not get a sense of humor because that is funny shit.

But regressing to the We Are The World remake. It's not so much that Lionel Richie again cashed in on an easy million maker, profiting on both the tragedy Haiti and MJ's death. I mean hey that's capitalism and that is his right. It was Africa then, its Haiti now & MJ now. I mean even in death MJ continues to touch countless children...with his music.

It's not even that when the song debuted during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies MJ came back to life only to perform the Thriller dance and hang himself in embarrassment that these things bother me. It's that people are buying this shit and the overall state of music is dying a gruesome death. We are now happy with lip synced performances. We consume mediocrity to the point that we glorify and feed the success of manufactured corporate images rather than real musicians and reward those at par with a drunken karaoke singer. I mean it was something a few years back to wonder if anybody actually writes their own music but now I have to wonder does anybody really record their own music anymore? Does anybody really even sing anymore?

So folks leave the auto tuning to T-Pain. It's his thing.

Until next time,

Peace & Love,

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