Saturday, March 13, 2010


Right now I'm kind of fiddling around with where I'm putting things so if you've come to the site before and find it to be completely different than it was before don't be surprised. Just a warning : )

I've added a playlist on the sidebar. Feel free to rock out to it or shut it off.

I haven't decided what direction I'm going to go with this blog or not really. I'm kind of doing this for me right now as a way to collect my thoughts. I might post some song lyrics, maybe daily journal entries, and even some political commentary. Oh boy Joe talking politics...alert the masses.

I'm also making a plug because I just went through my email and found my Red Cross donation receipt that I need to hold onto for taxes but if you're a looking to fulfill a good deed sometime in the near future it wouldn't hurt to donate to the Red Cross International Disaster Relief Fund. They do good things.


A few bucks makes a big difference plus you can write it off against your taxes and these days any little bit helps.

Until next time...
Music For The Road

Peace & Understanding,

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