Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday + Tuesday = Boobs

Why are musicians such pricks? It's a thought that crossed my mind today. Maybe its got to do with the fact that most of us have egos and most of us have to believe that we are something special to get anywhere in this competitive and self-destructive business, but seriously, every person I have ever met that has played for as long as I have or longer is a complete and utter tool, with a few exceptions.

I digress...

Yesterday was interesting to say the least...

It was a long day at work. A lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day at work. You know the kind of day where you find yourself uttering Diamond Dave lines from Van Halen's Hot for Teacher.

Ohhhhh mannnn the clock is slow....I don't feel tardy...

It just seems like Mondays lately also attract the moon people to my work too. Everyone who works with the public knows these kind of people. They complain about everything and expect you to bend over backwards at a 90 degree angle just because they're too lazy to pick up something that falls out of their cart or too lazy to read what the coupon actually says versus what they envisioned it would say.

The very kind of people that will argue and tell you that you're wrong when you go to explain to them what something actually says in writing in front of them. I cannot count on both hands how many times I have had somebody yell at me and tell me I'm wrong because their holier-than-thou doctor must've been taking some of the free samples when he wrote their prescription.

50g + 50g = 75g?

Hydrocodone/Apap 5-500 6 BIDX17D?

Really? In what universe? 0_O

It's not that I think people are stupid in general. It's just that I think people know a lot that isn't so. They invent these little fairy tale scenarios in their heads about how something should work, find a "qaucker-jack box" doctor who pats them on the head and agrees with them, and then pounce on whatever pharmacy will give them $50 bucks in gift cards to bring in their $5 script. (A business ploy also ironically invented by corporate moon people)

You know everybody in retail has these kind of stories though. Dealing with the public sucks in any job especially when your local clientele has an average age of 75 and an average memory span rivaling that of a pot smoking goldfish.

Yesterday I actually had a revelation about gun free zones and I realized why my company supports these worthless things. I can tell you at the exact moment it happened too...

A woman came into the funny pharm while talking on her cell phone. She walks up to the counter, still blabbing away like a 15-year-old and precedes to lean over the counter about three feet look and me and go,
"umm can somebody do their job here and help me?" She was there about maybe 5 seconds before she did this and I was in the middle of a count. As I approached her she hands me three pieces of paper with a total of eight prescriptions each for 60 to 90 day supplies. As I look up to ask her whether she has had scripts at our pharmacy before she gives me a snarky look and precedes to bitingly say:

"I'll be back in 10 to get em. Thanks darling!"

People think that gun free zones are set up to protect staff members from customers and customers from other customers. I now know it was actually set up to protect moon people from the wrath of abused workers...

But oh well plans have happened and I am now about to leave for a relaxing time at a friend's house because I need it. After all the funny pharm calls again tomorrow.

Until next time...
Bad day?

Peace & Love,

Joe K.

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