Monday, February 7, 2011

Post Super Bowl Thoughts 2011

So Green Bay took the Lombardi Trophy this year! The commercials were absolutely hilarious especially the hysterically violent Pepsi Max commercials. The only thing funnier than that chick getting nailed in the face with the can for me was sitting on Twitter and watching all the over conservative housewives and femi-nazis pitching a bitch about how insulted they were. Hands down my favorite tweet:

“One year there will be a Super Bowl in which men and women will stand together and condone the sexual exploitation of the female during this violent event.”

This wasn’t the only bitch post that caught my attention. It goes with the territory that whenever there is an event of any kind that lacks estrogen and sympathy--the uber-estrogenic amongst us have to complain about it. There were dozens of self-gratifying tweets from the humorless anal retentive viewers of America. Many of them got “Top Tweets” which I guess is what happens when an idiot says something so idiotic that a bunch of other idiots get together and “re-tweet” what that idiot said. I know the process involves idiots because I’ve had things re-tweeted before and I’m a pretty big idiot. That being said at least I’m an idiot with a wicked awesome sense of humor. Nuff said.

However the Super Bowl was a lot better than I had expected. While Green Bay dominated early on; the Steelers came back and made the game pretty epic. I didn’t have any bets lying on either team because my Pats lost and as a member of the “Latter Day Saints of Tom Brady” ; I’m very much still in mourning.

My bet was that it would take Christina Aguliera a minute and a half to finish the national anthem. Still I do not know if I won money or not because I was too busy cringing in embarrassment as she warbled on for what seemed to be an eternity botching the words. If you missed this train wreck you can go ahead and watch it here.

Uhhhhhh *shutters*…

Luckily, (even though a lot of Twitter seemed to be in disagreement with me) the Black Eyed Peas put on a very decent show during Halftime. Call it stiff, nerdy, or cheesy all you want but I dug it. They did a great job and my hats off to the Peas.

Another thing that caught my attention was the Chrysler ad featuring Eminem. My God did Chrysler take an ad and knock it out of the proverbial ball park. It was spine-tingling good and really spoke for Detroit & Michigan in a way that a lot of the cheesy Pure Michigan ads and others couldn’t do.

Hell to the yeah. Chrysler my hat is also off to you.

Now for GM. Oh GM. Government Motors. You guys used to be great. What the hell happened? I know you let the accountants and everything else take over and laid off everybody else that actually knew a thing or two about cars but seriously…Glee?!

I like Glee but that commercial was freaking embarrassing. You matched that up against Chrysler’s ad?! Between that and your ad featuring the Hee-Haw walking through the Tech Center (which I seriously doubt he had ever stepped foot in before that commercial) lying about how you paid back every tax dollar that you took in the bail-out; you make me want to puke. I drive a Chevy. I’m almost embarrassed to be driving it now.

Also nice plant you’re opening up in Mexico. Glad our tax dollars are working for that side of the border.

Regardless I’m not going to go in that angry cynical direction for this post because I’m better than that and the Super Bowl remains in my eyes the greatest sporting event of the year. American football. Not soccer. Not the vuvuezelas or however the hell those annoying bastard horns spell their name. American football. The NFL baby. That is a man’s sport and for one time a year I don’t have a problem telling the PC pink squads that the Super Bowl should stay that way. I’m not sorry that we men like commercials with beer, and chicks with gigantic boobs, and violent explosive commercials. You know what it is what it is. It’s two teams with a drive to be the best. One team wins the other team loses. It’s an arena with smells of beer, sweat, and sometimes blood and you know what that’s okay. The Super Bowl rules. Enough said.

At least until the playoffs start here in Hockey Town.

Fights. Blood. Hockey.

Until next time,

Peace & Beer


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